👨‍💼 Bill Gates told Clubhouse that he prefers 🤖 Android smartphones and does not invest in 🪙 Bitcoin

Microsoft founder Bill Gates gave an hour-long Clubhouse interview to NYTimes journalist Andrew Ross

Sorkin (Andrew Ross Sorkin), in which he shared interesting information.

What told

Due to the fact that the new social network is nowworks only on iOS, many listeners wondered how the founder of Microsoft felt about the iPhone. Gates replied that he likes Apple smartphones and many of his friends have them, but personally he prefers to use Android devices. In his opinion, such smartphones are more flexible in the relationship between software and OS. By the way, in the same room with Gates was the co-founder of Clubhouse, who said that the Android version of the application is now the company's top priority.

Naturally, they did not forget to ask aboutBitcoin, whose capitalization recently reached the $ 1 trillion mark. No, Bill Gates does not invest in cryptocurrency and generally does not take it very well. The fact is that Bitcoin mining consumes a huge amount of electricity and this is bad for the environment. By the way, according to the latest research, in 2020 bitcoin consumed more energy than the Netherlands and the UAE.

Source: Geekwire

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