10 interesting features of Siri Teams

Siri Teams is a new automation tool for iPhone and iPad. This is a common name that unites in

imagine Siri recommendations, Siri support for third-party applications and a new standalone Team application.

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With all of these features you can doa lot of interesting things with your iPhone and iPad. In the Commands application, you can create complex action chains that are activated by a single Siri voice command. Or you can attach your voice commands to Siri actions in your favorite applications. For example, Siri can be used to listen to podcasts in Overcast, mark completed tasks in Steaks, add weight changes to the Health app, etc.

1. Recommendations on page Spotlight

All the beauty of Siri Teams is that you don't needcreate your own teams to use them. Siri will remember your habits in your favorite applications on your own and will start showing recommended commands on the Spotlight page. When you open the search, you can see the offer to call back to a specific contact, return to the just closed dialogue or open the site that you usually use at this time.



This also applies to third-party applications. Recommendations will appear to start the timer, open a specific album in Photo, etc. Just click on the recommendation to complete the action. To perform an action again, you can enter its name in the search. You do not need to configure anything yourself.

2. Support for third-party applications Siri

The number of applications that the Siri assistant supported was limited and too small. You could use it only with some types of applications, and their name had to be called every time.

Siri teams did not fix all the problems, but the workthe assistant has become much better. In iOS 12, you yourself can create teams for Siri. Siri can open specific elements of applications, perform tasks in the background and display information from applications.

Several applications have already added support for Siri Commands. Among them: Things, CARROT Weather, Pandora, Streaks, Overcast, etc. In the coming weeks, the number of applications will become even more.

You can configure commands through the settings of the applications themselves, or configure them in the Commands application.

You can also use Settings. To do this, go to Settings -> Siri and Search -> Quick commands Siri. Here you will see all your teams. To add a recommended command, click the “+” next to it and write down a phrase. When you pronounce this phrase Siri, the system will perform the action for you.



Some of the best examples of Siri Commands:

  • Play a specific playlist in Apple Music.
  • Play podcasts in Overcast.
  • Opening station at Pandora.
  • Mark tasks as completed in Streaks.
  • Opening and snapshot in Halide.
  • Open a list or add items to Things 3.

3. Teams Siri through the search Spotlight

Managing third-party applications using voice commands is convenient, but there are times when there is no way to talk. In this case, you can use the Spotlight search.

Your team will be among the results. Click on it, and then click "Create."

4. Management several the functions through Siri

The most significant part of Siri teams isstandalone Team application. In it, you can create both simple commands and complex chains of commands. You can choose from over 300 actions, arrange them in any order, and then perform using Siri.

As an example, we’ll show you how to create a team of 4 actions. The command will turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and then turn off Airplane mode and Do Not Disturb.



Step 1: Open the Teams app and click New Team.

Step 2: In the search, enter Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode and Do Not Disturb, and add them. After that, set the switches next to the functions.

Step 3: Click on the settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen and name the command. Next, click Add for Siri and write down the phrase.

Step 4: Now you can activate Siri and say this phrase to complete all the actions.

5. The team for the morning routine

In the same way, you can create any team from several actions. This is a great way to learn about all the features of Teams.

We recommend that you study the search bar. Try creating a team for your usual morning activities. For example, to open an application, download a site, play a playlist, send a message, etc. Actions will depend on what you do in the morning.

6. Management Overcast voice teams

Now Siri's assistant can interact withOvercast app with podcasts. Go to the application settings and write down phrases for different teams. You can launch podcasts, play specific playlists, share episodes, etc.

Download: Overcast

7. News Management through Siri

This is a fairly simple command. In addition, you can import it using a ready-made link. The team is that you insert a link to the site, and Siri reads the headlines of the five latest news from this site. The team works through both HomePod and AirPods.

If you have a favorite news site that you visit regularly, this team will come in handy. You can import it using the link below. It is only necessary to replace the name and link to the site.

Download: Siri News Reader Shortcut

8. Import and edit command chains

To use the Teams, you do not need to be an expert in creating them. You can add ready-made ones.

The Teams application has a Gallery section from which you can import more than 30 teams created by Apple.

Good teams can also be found here: Shortcuts subreddit and Sharecuts.

9. Data about the weather from Siri

Siri could always talk about the weather, butthe information was very scarce. The CARROT Weather app has 17 different teams for Siri. You can find out the current weather, the forecast for tomorrow, the time of sunrise and sunset, wind speed, etc.

Open the CARROT application, go to its settings and select Siri Commands. Here you can record phrases for different actions.

Download: CARROT Weather

10. Management Pandora voice commands

Siri personal assistant used to supportonly Apple Music music service, but now that has changed. Now you can create commands for the Pandora application. You can create a team to play a specific playlist, album or station. Compared to Apple Music, the possibilities are limited. For example, you cannot ask an assistant to include some old song in Pandora.

However, if you mainly listen to a couple of specific playlists, go to the application settings and add the Siri Command.



Download: Pandora

How to learn to create teams

As with other tasks, the main aspect in creating teams is practice. At first, the process will seem difficult to you, but in fact, everything is not so complicated.

Our tip: just get started. Start with something small and simple. Do not import commands, but try to create them yourself. Even if you simply copy steps from ready-made commands, you will learn a lot.