Top 10 Apple Watch Series 4 Features

This year, the Apple Watch received the long-awaited design update: the case has become thinner and the display has become larger. At

This makes the watch even lighter than before. They received many functions, including the ability to make ECGs - the first among wearable devices. Here are the top 10 Apple Watch 4 features you should know about.

1. Large display with thin frames



For the first time since the release of the first version at AppleWatch redesigned. Although the case still retained its square shape, the edges became more rounded and the aspect ratio of the display to the front panel increased. In addition, the display itself also received rounded edges, in contrast to the fully square in previous generations.

Available dial sizes have also changed. Instead of 38 and 42 mm, 40 and 44 are now represented, but at the same time, Series 4 is 40 mm larger than the flagship Series 3 by 42 mm. At the same time, the case became a little thinner: 10.7 mm instead of 11.4 mm.

2. Tactile response of the Digital Crown



New Digital Crown Wheel Gets Tactilebang for your buck - Apple engineers have made you feel clicks when turning, just like when turning a mechanical wheel on a regular watch. This works on the same principle as the “Home” button in iPhones 7 and 8 generations.

3. New, more informative dials

In watchOS 5, Apple changes your mind aboutsmart watch dial. Now on one screen you can add up to 8 complications - additional blocks of information that “grows” on top of the main dial called Infograph. In addition, three dynamic dials have been added: Fire, Water and Steam. The application Breath own dial also appeared.

4. New Apple S4 processor

Apple Watch Series 4 equipped with the latestS4 processor. This is a new 2-core 64-bit chipset, which is twice as powerful as the processor in Series 3. Together with the processor, many sensors were updated and added. For example, the dynamic range of the gyroscope and accelerometer doubled, and the speed of processing data on user movements increased by 8 times. It would seem that these are trifles, but it is precisely thanks to such “trifles” that the Apple Watch Series 4 makes the impossible possible.

5. Louder speakers

The fourth-generation microphone was moved tothe other side of the case and located between the Digital Crown and the side button. This has reduced echo and increased clarity of telephone conversations. In addition, the speaker has become larger and more powerful: its volume has increased by 50%. Especially the difference is felt when communicating with Siri.

6. Heart rate sensor analyzes abnormalities

Now the watch will be able to recognize when the heartthe rhythm remains too low for 10 minutes in the absence of activity. In this case, a low heart rate warning will work on the Apple Watch. This situation can be caused by bradycardia, a disorder that can lead to serious consequences if the heart does not supply the body with enough oxygenated blood. All information about such problems can be saved in PDF and shown to your doctor - the data from the Apple Watch is considered accurate enough to be used for medical purposes.

7. ECG application

Apple Watch first among consumer wearablesGadgets have got this feature. Now, for a full electrocardiogram, only hours are enough. The fact is that the Digital Crown wheel and the rear panel of the case are covered with electrodes. Just put your finger on the Digital Crown for 30 seconds to scan. Unfortunately, this feature is still being finalized and will be available later this year.



8. Fall detection

This is another cool feature that has becomepossible thanks to improved sensors. Now the watch will be able to determine when you fell, and will offer to call for medical help. You can set the watch so that it automatically sends information about your location to the rescue service if you have a disease in which seizures are possible.

9. New stylish colors

Apple Watch is now available in three colors: gold has joined the familiar silver and “gray space”, perfectly matching the new colors of the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max.

10. Backward compatibility of bracelets and straps



If you decide to upgrade to Series 4 from an earlier version of the Apple Watch, you can use all your wristbands and bracelets: Apple made sure that the standard of fastening remains the same.

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