10 reasons to love Fortnite

Over the course of a couple of years, Fortnite has gone from being a small experiment to being a true rock star. Contracts with large

brands, collaborations with world stars andmind-blowing virtual events that attract millions of viewers. Surprising players not only with exciting gameplay, but also with a variety of events, the Epic Games project has earned the title of a global cultural phenomenon. If this phenomenon has passed you by - now you will know what you have lost.

Unique gameplay

The first thing to play Fortnite for isit's for the sake of unique building mechanics not found in other battle royals. For beginners, this aspect can be confusing and create additional difficulties when mastering the game, but over time you realize how useful it is.

First, you can always create for yourselfcover, if the enemy caught you by surprise in an open area, where you can hide behind a stone. Even in-game tips recommend immediately placing a wall in front of the enemy if they open fire on you. The advice is really sensible and more than once saved me from fire from both sides.

Secondly, construction mechanics allowoutsmart the enemy or gain an advantage in battle. The most popular strategy in Fortnite: Build a trampoline to attack an enemy from above, or jump on an enemy with a shotgun for a surprise attack. Other players create full-fledged traps from their buildings, since the toolkit in Fortnite is not limited to walls and roofs. There are even spears that can be hung from the ceiling.

Living and developing world

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Plus, thanks to regular updatesthe toolbox is constantly updated. Fortnite has been in open beta for more than two years, changing from season to season, and after the release of the final version it has completely changed.

Fortnite has received a completely revamped map withnew locations, activities and secrets. At the same time, the changes were accompanied by a large-scale event, when the game world was literally sucked into a black hole. Thus Epic Games orchestrated a rebirth of the Fortnite universe, creating a sense of a living world for players.

Epic is also not ashamed to borrow great ideas fromcompetitors. For example, after the success of Apex Legends, a respawn system was added to Fortnite, and not so long ago, cars appeared in the game for more convenient movement around the island. Epics even forked out for licensed tracks from popular artists for local radio.

The biggest gameplay transformations are the events that bring more than just new skins for heroes and loot boxes.

Game-changing events

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Fortnite hosts some of the most excitingevents among the royal battles. Every few months a new global event starts in the game, which changes the map and adds new gameplay features.

Epic Games recently launched a collaboration with"The Avengers". As a result, the iconic Tony Stark base appeared on the island of Fortnite itself, where you can get cool weapons. If you wander around the island, you can find Wolverine, for the victory over which they give his appearance for the character. And the most interesting thing is that the player can use the weapons of the Avengers, like the Iron Man suit, Thor's thunderclap, and so on.

Various modes

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And even if you get bored with the main modebattle royale, then you can go have fun in "Creative Mode". Epic Games realized that among gamers there are especially creative people who are not fed with gameplay, but given tools for creating maps and games. The company itself did just that.

As a result, the players began to invent their ownmodes ranging from battles with automatic weapon change after each kill and ending with your own variation Among Us. And Epic Games themselves throw up interesting modes, like the "Royal Race", where players run to the finish line, simultaneously interfering with others.

And if you don’t find anything, you can create your own mode, with blackjack and ... You get the idea.

Virtual events

However, you can enter Fortnite not only for the sake ofcompetitive battle royale and challenges. From time to time, Epic Games hosts non-game events, such as concerts by famous artists and previews of upcoming films. Not so long ago, Travis Scott looked into Fortnite in his giant guise and presented a new track. The event turned into an unusual show, which could hardly be found in the real world.

Events like these show that Fortnite isnot just another game, but a full-fledged part of modern popular culture. Thousands of games appear in the industry every month, but only a few can even claim this status.


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Fortnite was one of the first games to launchdestroy walls between platforms. After its release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, Epic Games took to Android, iOS, and eventually delighted Nintendo Switch users as well. As a result, you can play Fortnite anywhere, anytime, and on anything.

In addition, players on the listed platforms canfight together, which expands the audience and reduces the time to match opponents. Even if you catch bullets too often, Fortnite will quickly get you back into action.

And the most important feature is cross-platformconservation. It doesn't matter where and what you play, because your accumulated progress is always with you. This applies to battle statistics, accumulated Battle Pass points, and, of course, purchases.

Simple but beautiful graphics

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Fortnite may look as childish as it canscare off some gamers, but during the gameplay you realize how good the local visual style is. At a minimum, low detailing of the environment does not load the system.

Fortnite has a large map, but thanks to its simplethe graphics game is not demanding on the hardware, and works well both on inexpensive smartphones and not the most powerful PCs. Even an office laptop with an integrated video chip can pull the epic battle royale at medium settings at 1080p with a stable high FPS.

In addition, the visual style creates an excellentcard readability. In games with more realistic graphics, there is often a problem when you cannot see the enemy behind a monochromatic mess of grass, trees and stones. Fortnite's visual style allows you to see opponents clearly, even if they are from a great distance.

Fortnite is an esports discipline

Fortnite's biggest plus is balanceforces. Of course, like any other shooter, there are objectively the best weapons in the game, but gamers can't buy themselves an edge. And in order to get that very best weapon, you need to know where to look and get to it before anyone else.

Thanks to this and direct supportEpic Games' battle royale Fortnite itself and managed to enter the esports scene. The company regularly hosts competitions with cash prizes such as Cash Cups and Fortnite Champion Series, and third-party organizations also host their own tournaments.

Therefore, for some players Fortnite may becomemore than a hobby, but a full-fledged source of income. For example, one of the best players Tfue earned $ 455 thousand in prize money. In addition, pro players often become Twitch streamers, bathing in the donations of their fans.

The game is completely free

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And all of the above applies to freethe game. Fortnite is available to absolutely everyone, regardless of age, income and platform, which has attracted over 350 million players. And this is not a shareware game that uses various manipulations to pull hundreds of dollars out of gamers.

Donut is here, Epic Games does not take out of thin airthese billions, but in Fortnite you cannot buy an advantage, but only skins and emotions for a character that are pleasing to the eye, and nothing more. And to get interesting skins in Fortnite, you just need to buy a Battle Pass for $ 10 once, which, among other things, gives 1,500 V-bucks (in-game currency). That's enough to buy yourself a Hero Skin or your next Battle Pass and earn even more rewards.

Huge community of players

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Plus, thanks to its availability, Fortnitegathered a huge audience of gamers who not only compete, but also help each other. The community creates guides on weapons and locations, shares secrets, and just creates funny videos of the game for fun.

So even a beginner will find it easy to get in, because he can easily find tips and company for playing together thanks to forums, Discord channels and other sites.

In the dry residue

As a result, the first acquaintance with the game should passfun and stress-free. Therefore, download Fortnite to your favorite gaming device, gain impressions and share them with other players in the comments on Gagadget. Plus, it's the best way to find squadmates with whom you can achieve victory royals.

How to download Fortnite?

To download Fortnite, you need to go to the sectionFortnite on its publisher Epic Games. Then click on the "Play for free" link and register in the game using one of the proposed methods, including email, Facebook, VKontakte, Google account, Steam, Xbox Live, Nintento or Playstation Network. Then choose a nickname that will be displayed in the game for other players and accept the license agreement by checking the box. Now go through a simple captcha, in which you need to select the exact number displayed using the dice and enter the confirmation code sent to the email address specified during registration (do not forget to check your spam folder). Everything! The installation file for your operating system will now automatically download. If this does not happen, you need to click on the download button.

How to increase FPS in Fortnite

Players with weak PCs are often faced withinsufficient performance in games, which is expressed in a low frame rate FPS. To improve the game's performance, go to Options and lower the graphics settings. Particular attention should be paid to drawing distance, texture quality, and effect quality. Users of weak PCs are advised to set the "Low" settings, and also disable "Shadows". In this case, lowering the "3D Resolution" will help. Reducing the quality to 80% will increase the FPS and will not degrade the image much.

How to earn V-Bucks in Fortnite

The easiest way to get V-Bucks is to buy themin the in-game store, but players can earn currency by playing, moreover, for free. With the start of each season, Fortnite also introduces a Battle Pass, which also has a free reward version. By completing tasks and increasing the level of BP, you can earn 300 V-Bucks for free. If you buy the Battle Pass for $ 10, you can unlock even more rewards, including up to 1,500 V-Bucks. The currency can be obtained by completing tasks in the PvE-mode fortnight "Fight with the Storm", where cherished coins are given for completing tasks.

How much Fortnite weighs

The PC version of Fortnite has been slimmed down since the last update and now takes 28GB of storage after installation. On PlayStation 4, the game will require 38.6 GB of free space, while on Xbox One, the game will take about 35 GB.

How to get skins in Fortnite

Get skins (character skins) in Fortnitecan be done in two ways. First, go to the "Item Shop" tab in the battle royale lobby, where you can purchase a set with skins and other items such as a pickaxe, as well as buy a skin separately. Method two: unlock the skin for completing the Battle Pass levels, gaining experience for participating in Fortnite battles and completing tasks.

How to change character in Fortnite

You can change the appearance of a standard character withskins by going to the Locker in the Fortnite Battle Royale lobby. In the first tab "Equipment", you will find a list of all available skins, which change the appearance of the character. In the "Locker" section, you can also change the umbrella, the appearance of the pickaxe and weapons, add effects when falling from the bus, and add a new background image for the loading screen.

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