10 ways to extend the battery life of your iPhone

After the recent news, you probably wondered how to maximize the life of your battery.

iPhone so that it does not start to run slower. If your battery has already lost its initial power, then the only way out is to change it. Otherwise, follow the tips below.

Battery Duration and Battery Life

Here is the definition Apple gave to both concepts:



The duration of the charge is the operating time of your device without recharging. Battery life is the time that the battery runs at full power and does not need to be changed.

1. Check state batteries

If your battery is in poor condition, the system will notify you about it. Settings -> Battery. However, the message appears only after the initial battery power drops to 80%.

If you have a Mac, you can check the battery status of your iPhone using CoconutBattery. If the power is below 80%, then it is time to change it.

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2. Lower the brightness

Open the Control Center and lower the brightness. If possible, make it minimal. Try not to use full brightness often. This will reduce the load on the battery.

3. Use auto brightness

If you do not have Auto Brightness enabled, you need to enable it in Settings -> Main -> Universal access -> Display adaptation. The function will adjust the brightness of the screen to your environment. When you are indoors, the brightness will automatically become lower, and this will help preserve the battery.

4. Reduce auto-lock time

Auto-lock automatically turns off the screen and locks the device some time after inactivity. Go to Settings -> Screen and brightness -> Auto block and select “30 seconds.”



5. If possible, use Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi consumes less power than cellular. If possible, use Wi-Fi instead of mobile Internet. You can enable Wi-Fi in the Control Center.

6. Turn on mode energy saving

iOS suggests turning on power saving mode,when the battery level drops below 20%. However, you can turn it on even when fully charged. This mode saves energy by disabling background processes.

In power saving mode, the battery is not fully used and may last longer.

7. Do not use iphone at extreme temperatures

IOS devices work best between 0 ° and 35 ° C. Too much cold or heat affects the battery negatively.

8. How to store iphone long time

If you are not going to use your iPhoneFor a long period of time, Apple recommends charging it as little as 50%. You can’t store your iPhone with maximum or minimum charge for a long time, as this may disrupt the battery in the future.

9. Charging Tips

The condition of the lithium-ion battery depends onhow to charge it. Charging it too long can degrade its performance. If you carry the phone in a thick case or a case with a built-in battery, remove it before charging. Such covers do not allow the phone to cool, and overheating negatively affects the battery.

Do not use adapters for fast charging. It is best to use standard charging with a power of 5W. Speed ​​does not matter if you charge the phone at night.

Do not leave the iPhone charged in the car in the heat, the heat is very harmful to the battery.

10. Other tips

Do not install beta versions of the system and the firstreleases of new versions of iOS. Usually, all bugs are fixed only after a couple of weeks after the update. Turn off background application updates and geolocation if you don't need them.

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