10 iPhone SE 2 Chips - For Beginners

The recently introduced second-generation Apple iPhone SE received a top-end processor and is sold at an affordable, affordable price.

Compared with the flagships, the price is 39,990 rubles for 64 GB of capacity. For those who have already bought and received an updated iPhone SE, we talk about the useful functions of the smartphone and how to use them.

  • 10th Generation iPhone SE Features 10 - New User Guide
    • 1. Touch ID
    • 2. Access to video resolution in the Camera application
    • 3. Hidden panel with functions in the Camera application
    • 4. Scanning a QR code in the Camera application
    • 5. Saving “live” photos as video
    • 6. Gesture dialing
    • 7. Exact cursor positioning
    • 8. Fast charge
    • 9. Auto brightness
    • 10. Forced reboot

10th Generation iPhone SE Features 10 - New User Guide

1. Touch ID

Add multiple fingerprints of both fingers at oncehands with which you are supposed to unlock the device. Name each fingerprint appropriately so that you don’t get confused later: by default, the fingerprints are called “Finger 1, 2”, etc. During fingerprint registration, change the position of the finger so that the smartphone captures as many positions as possible.



Open up Settings → Touch ID and password enter the password code (if you have it installed) click on Add fingerprint.

To rename an already added fingerprint, click on it and change the name.

iPhone SE 2 comes with 2nd generation Touch ID

2. Access to video resolution in the Camera application

Thanks to the A13 processor in iPhone SE, you can change the video resolution directly in the Camera application (this is usually only available in the device’s settings).



Launch the camera on iPhone SE 2 and swipe right.to the Video mode at the bottom of the application. Click the video resolution icon in the upper right corner to select HD (1080p) and 4K. To change the frame rate, tap the adjacent icon and select 30 or 60 frames per second.

You can change the frame rate in this way in another “Video” mode - slow motion. In slow motion mode, iPhone SE 2 can shoot HD-video (1080p) at a speed of 120 or 240 frames per second.

3. Hidden panel with functions in the Camera application

In the Camera app on iPhone SE 2 underThe photo panel with icons for flash, live photos, filters and pending photo is hidden. To show hidden icons, swipe up from the bottom or click on the arrow icon at the top of the screen.

4. Scanning a QR code in the Camera application

In the new iPhone SE (as well as on older models), you can scan QR codes without third-party applications: just point the camera at the code and the smartphone will offer to follow the encoded link.

Make sure that the option of scanning QR codes is enabled on your smartphone: to do this, open SettingsCamera → toggle switch for QR code scans must be activated.

5. Saving “live” photos as video

To save a live photo as a video, select itin the Photos application, click the Share icon and select Save As Video. With this feature, live photos can be shared, shared with users of Android devices.

The feature works on outdated iPhones too.

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6. Gesture dialing

A set of swipes appeared in iOS 13: as you slide across the keyboard, the system suggests possible options for the word you are entering. The swipe dialing only works with the English layout. In addition, the "Swipe for recruitment»: You can activate it along the way SettingsMainKeyboard.

7. Exact cursor positioning

IPhone SE doesn't have 3D Touch, but iOS 13 thanksHaptic Touch technology has made it possible to hold the cursor and move through the text to the desired location. Hold down the spacebar and place the cursor where you want the text. This is much more convenient than it used to be: the cursor had to be held down every time, and it was not possible to get to the right word the first time.

8. Fast charge

The 2nd generation iPhone SE supports fast charging, which can be charged to almost half in 30 minutes. True, the 18 W adapter will have to be purchased separately.

IPhone SE also supports Qi-certified wireless chargers.



Comes with iPhone SE 2 5W low-power adapter

9. Auto brightness

By default, the new iPhone SE 2 has theautomatic brightness control for the most efficient use of the battery: the brightness of the screen changes according to the lighting. To turn off auto brightness, go to SettingsMainUniversal accessDisplay adaptation → remove the toggle switch from auto brightness.



Turning off auto brightness can shorten battery life.

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10. Forced reboot

IPhone SE 2 turns off just like anyanother Apple smartphone with Touch ID support - by holding down the Power button for a long time until the shutdown slider appears. Restarting the 2nd generation iPhone SE is slightly different from the iPhone 6s and older models: press the volume up button, then the volume down button and hold down the power button until the phone forces a restart.