11 ″ iPad Pro 2018 vs 10.5 ″ iPad Pro 2017: What is the difference?

Compare the key features of last year’s 10.5-inch iPad Pro with the new 11-inch iPad Pro 2018. Are they worth it

price difference innovations? We understand specific numbers.

Recall, on Tuesday, Apple announced a newThe 11-inch iPad Pro along with the 12.9-inch third-generation model. At the same time, last year’s 10.5-inch model will remain on sale for at least another year. Yes, the new miniature version is definitely better than the previous one. However, for most iPad Pro 2017 users, 2017 will be more than enough.




11-inch model received a new framelessLiquid Retina display, similar to the one used in the iPhone XR. However, this is the only significant difference between the two screens. As you can see above, although the resolution in the new model is higher, this is due to the exceptionally increased size of the display itself: the pixel density remains the same.




One of the key differences between these models is their processor. While the 2017 model uses the A10X Fusion chipset, the novelty of 2018 was equipped with the latest A12X Bionic with the Neural Engine.

Apple claims that the speed of the newthe GPU is twice as high, which is important for working with augmented reality and games. The difference will also be noticeable when working in new announced applications - including Photoshop for iPad.

At the presentation, Apple showed the gameplay NBA 2K19on the new iPad Pro. This shows that Apple is determined to orient the iPad Pro line not only to artists and creative people, as it was before, but also to gamers too. How successful it will be is time will tell.


Interestingly, this year Apple leftlovers of mobile photography with almost no attention. Moreover, in at least two aspects, the camera of the new iPad Pro is even worse than last year's model. In addition to the fact that she received a 5-lens instead of a 6-lens in the iPad Pro 2017, the new model also lacks optical image stabilization.

Most likely, the reason for this was the thinner design of the iPad Pro 2018.

At the same time, the front camera receivedsignificant upgrade this year. Thanks to TrueDepth, the 11-inch model supports Face ID authentication, as well as portrait mode, portrait lighting, and Animoji / Memoji.




The following changes may not be important for every user, so you have to decide how important these points are for you.

Only the iPad Pro 2018 line will be compatible withthe new stylus Apple Pencil 2. Accessory worth 10,790₽ is attached to the iPad using a magnet. When connected to a tablet, the stylus starts charging automatically. In addition, Apple Pencil 2 also introduces new control gestures. The 10.5-inch iPad Pro 2017, just like other older tablet models, is not compatible with the new stylus.

The latest iPad Pros are also the first mobileApple devices with USB-C support. Through it, with the help of additional accessories, you can charge other equipment from the tablet - for example, a smartphone or a camera.

Finally, the iPad Pro 2018 lost connector 3.5 jack in accordance with the latest trends in the world of mobile technology. This means that you will need to use an adapter to use wired headphones. And yes, you cannot charge the tablet and listen to music at the same time - unless you switch to wireless headphones, of course.


Of course, all the changes in the 11-inch iPad Pro2018 affected its price. In particular, the cost of a new model starts at 65,990 rubles for Wi-Fi modification with 64 GB of memory. At the same time, a 10.5 ″ iPad Pro 2017 in a similar configuration costs 53,990 rubles.



As for the most expensive models, then incase 11 ″ iPad Pro 2018 is 137,990 rubles for the modification with LTE and 1 TB of storage. Last year’s tablet did not have support for 1 TB of memory, and the 512 GB LTE version costs 91,990 rubles.

Is it worth it?

Without a doubt, iPad Pro 2018 show whichApple’s tablets will develop in the next few years. The future says that there is no place for the Home button and headphone jack, but the frameless display, Face ID and amazing performance are welcome. Most likely, much of this will take over the next budget iPad, the release of which is likely to take place next spring.

If you need the latest and best model, of courseChoose an 11-inch iPad Pro. This is a really awesome tablet. If you do not plan to use the tablet for heavy games and you do not like Face ID, iPad Pro 10.5 will be quite enough for you. Even now, this model is cheaper than the news, and most likely it will become even cheaper in the coming weeks (thanks to the holidays and the sales season).

Both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2018 go on sale November 7th.