12 bottles of wine returned to Earth after a year on the ISS

The wine reportedly spent almost a year in orbit. They were brought to the ISS as part of an experiment by the French

a company that decided to investigate how an alcoholic beverage matures in microgravity.

Part of the harvest was left on Earth, and part was transferred to the ISS. Upon arrival, the bottles will be opened and tasting arranged to compare earth and space specimens.

Space Cargo Unlimited wine samples were sent to the space station in November 2019 aboard French startup Space Cargo Unlimited's Cygnus cargo ship

Wine both on Earth and on the ISS remainedsealed and kept at a constant temperature of about 18 ° C. The researchers hypothesize that there will be taste differences caused by the effects on physical and chemical reactions of microgravity and cosmic radiation.

According to Nicholas Goma, CEO andco-founder of the company, the main goal was to try to find a wider application of technology in the field of food preservation, although it will be interesting to taste the wine.

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