13 best jailbreak tweaks of the week: BottomControlX et al.

Recently, a lot of tweaks designed for iOS 11 have been released in Cydia, and many of them improve our

life and smartphones like we never dreamed of.

Today we will tell you about all the new jailbreak tweaks released last week, and start as usual with the best of them.



Best Tweek of the Week


The Control Center has quick access to many useful functions of the system, but opening it on the iPhone X with one hand is not so easy, especially if you have small hands.

Fortunately, there is a new tweak BottomControlXwhich adds on iPhone X is the traditional gesture of opening the Control Center.



With it, to open the Control Center, you need to draw across the screen from the lower left or right corner, on either side of the Home indicator.

Other tweaks

Backupaz 3 (iOS 10 - 11): Creates full backups of iOS 10 and iOS 11 (Packix repository).

CCSupport: Support tweak for modules of the iOS 11 Control Center (BigBoss repository).

CCVPN: Adds a VPN switch to Control Center (BigBoss repository).

Flasheraser: Quick character deletion (CydiaGeek beta repository).

iPad Pro Keyboard: Adds iPad Pro keyboard to any iPad in landscape mode (BigBoss repository).

MySwitcherCards: Allows you to configure card signatures in the application switcher (BigBoss repository).

NCBarless: Removes spaces from the Notification Center (CydiaGeek beta repository).

Rotatewall: Adds wallpaper rotation to the home screen (BigBoss repository).

SecondsInTimeX: Adds seconds to an iPhone X watch (Packix repository).

Switchus: Allows you to configure the application switcher (Packix repository).

USAA Bypass: Bypass jailbreak detection in USAA app (BigBoss repository).

Xb-CCModules: Configure Management Point (BigBoss repository).