16-core Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids chip clocked up to 7.2 GHz but failed any performance benchmarks

An overclocking competition was held as part of Computex 2023 in Taiwan. The Level1Techs team was able to overclock

Intel chip cores of the Sapphire Rapids generation up to 7.2 GHz.

What is known

The Intel Xeon server processor has 16 cores.Moreover, if consumer solutions use a combination of productive (P) and energy efficient (E) cores, then in our case only P-cores are used.

Chip overclocking showed why Intel decided to addseveral E-cores in processors for regular clients. This is due to the desire to limit the growth of energy consumption. Enthusiasts managed to overclock all Intel Xeon cores up to 7.2 GHz. In this mode, each of them consumed 50 watts.

In fact, the total power consumption of 800 W -this is the only thing that could be learned during the experiment. The thing is that at a frequency of 7.2 GHz, enthusiasts could not evaluate the performance of the processor, since it did not pass any performance tests.

But at a frequency of 6.1 GHz, Intel Xeon was able to complete the test in Cinebench R23. The result was approximately 46,000 points, which was not enough to get into the top 10 among processors equipped with 16 cores.