168,000 years of premium account and millions of tanks: Wargaming will fill World of Tanks players with gifts

Wargaming decided to support another good tradition of its own, and prepared gifts for World of Tanks players. According to

statistics, the game has more than 160 million registered users, of which 8 million are in Ukraine.

Gifts for "tankers"

Starting from November 26, the campaign "Honoredreward ", in which Wargaming distributes gifts to World of Tanks players. Here are just the prizes for everyone will be different and depend on the time spent in the game: the earlier the "tanker" entered the battle, the greater the surprise.

Among the gifts that will start giving away from 26In November, those who log into the game will have credits, medals, various customization elements, unique decals and styles, as well as a new American Tier VI light tank M24E2 Super Chaffee.

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In addition, new players will receive prizes.will register for World of Tanks before November 26. For them, Wargaming has prepared the days of a tank premium account, five-fold XP bonuses, and a special holiday surprise.

“A well-deserved reward is our way of sayingThanks to the players for being with us all this time. This year we will award millions of tanks to players, as well as award them with 168,539 years of premium account so that they can earn more experience and credits after each battle, ”says Maxim Chuvalov, Global Publishing Director of World of Tanks.

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