20 features that watchOS 6 needs to upgrade

The Apple Watch Series 4 has taken the Apple Watch to a whole new level with a new design and large display. However

this large display never realizedpotential. The next watchOS update is a great chance for Apple to finally add the features and applications that everyone is waiting for. Below we’ll talk about functions that would be very useful in watchOS 6.

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New Dials for Apple Watch Series 4

Series 4 model added catalog separationdials. Old Series 3 dials have been updated to fit the new model, but they still look bad. The only dial that looks great on Series 4 is the infographic dial. We need more of these dials. It would be great to get 5-6 new dials for a large display.

Commands App for Apple Watch



Before Apple bought the Team app, itcalled Workflow. There was a version for the Apple Watch. The application was not perfect, but it was convenient to use to execute commands directly from the Apple Watch.

The Team app has been almost a year, so it's timerelease and version for Apple Watch. Apple could even add a few widgets for quick action. Thus, it would be convenient to include music or podcasts.

Big Siri Dial

The Siri dial features are quite limited. More options should appear for him. It would be great if the company added more widgets to the dial.

New Control Room Design

The control center needs to be updated under the large display. One could fit three icons in a row.

Music widget in Control Center

The widget with music in watchOS is very strange. He appears only when something is playing. It would be great to have a permanent widget in the Control Center.



Custom Activity Goals

Apple must let us on its ownChoose goals for the Activity app. We must be able to reduce or increase goals to fit our capabilities. In addition, a new ring for 10,000 steps would not hurt.

Books app for Apple Watch

You can listen to music and podcasts on the Apple Watch, but not audio books. A separate Books application could solve this problem.

Calculator application

On the clock, you can ask Siri to solve examples, but there is no real calculator application. There are third-party applications like PCalc, so creating a standard should not be a problem.

Updated Calendar application

Calendar application has not changed lastsome years. You can view only the current month, but that’s all. The Series 4 is powerful enough to create events and view different months.

Application Folders

Apple Watch apps are starting to getreally good. Most likely, their owners have several applications with music, training and health. It would be great to be able to put these applications in folders.

Safari for Apple Watch

WatchOS 5 update added featureBrowse websites on the Apple Watch. Apple should go one step further and add the Safari app to its smartwatch. The browser may not contain tabs, but bookmarks could be supported.

Automatic change of dials

If you have several favorite dials (for example, one for home and one for work), you would be glad that they change automatically depending on the time of day or location.

Voice Recorder Application

Voice Recorder is now available for iPad and Mac. Apple should add it to the Apple Watch. Using a clock would be very convenient to record urgent notes or thoughts.

Customizable Workout app

On the training application screen, the names of their typescould be smaller so that they fit more. The training screen itself is too simple. For example, the Workouts ++ application displays a heartbeat graph and other statistics in a grid.

Sleep tracking

Everyone has been waiting for this feature for a very long time. Some third-party applications are already doing a good job. Apple could add its sleep tracking feature.

Application Notes

The Google Keep app appeared on the Apple Watch earlier than Notes. Yes, entering text notes on the watch would be inconvenient, but viewing lists, reading your notes, etc. - just right.

Real House app

In the Home app for Apple Watch, you can access only your favorites. Instead, it could display all the accessories in a grid.

Display of icons in the Dock with a grid



The dock in watchOS 5 is too simple. You have to spend too much time to flip through the application that you used 20 minutes ago. If it were displayed in a grid, it would fit four applications at once.

Find iPhone

Apple Watch Cellular Userswould love the Find iPhone feature. Because of smart watches, we are increasingly forgetting our smartphones. It would be great to open the application on the clock and quickly find your iPhone on a map or a sound signal. Now only a signal is available.

3rd party dials

We dream about this every year. Perhaps Apple will never add support for third-party dials, and it will be annoying. Apple could create a store with third-party dials and establish clear requirements for them. The App Store also works. That would be a great compromise.