200 megapixels, two 50 megapixels each and 10x zoom - the characteristics of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra camera have become known

The technical characteristics of the main camera of the flagship smartphone Xiaomi 12 Ultra have leaked to the Network. He will become

the successor to the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, which topped the DxOMark camera phone rating before the Huawei P50 Pro premiere.

What is known?

The current generation Ultra version is equipped with twomodules of 48 megapixels and a main camera of 50 megapixels. The upcoming novelty, at least on paper, should be better. Xiaomi 12 passes under the codename Zeus. It will be powered by the flagship Snapdragon 898 processor.

In the main camera, we will again see three opticalmodule. The main resolution will be 200 megapixels. At the same time, by combining four neighboring pixels, it will produce 50-megapixel images (8192 x 6144 pixels), like the Sony IMX700 and Samsung S5KGND 50-megapixel sensors.

The Xiaomi 12 Ultra camera will include a pair50-megapixel modules: ultra-wide angle and telephoto. The optical zoom will be 10x, which so far no smartphone from the company from the Middle Kingdom can boast of.

In the screenshot above, you can also seesome specs of the Xiaomi 12 codenamed Cupid. Earlier we reported that the smartphone will receive a 200-megapixel camera and Snapdragon 898. In this regard, nothing has changed. But it became known that the model will not receive a full-fledged telephoto lens. Its place will be taken by the module for macro photography.

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