2K jumped on Electronic Arts' rake by adding ads to NBA 2K21 on loading screens

Ad insertions are common for free mobile games. Yet now, at the suggestion of 2K Games, she

found in paid games on large platforms.

The same rake

A Stevivor reader complained to the publication that he started seeing ads in NBA 2K21 during loading screens. The journalists decided to check the information, and also stumbled upon a promo video for Oculus Quest 2.

According to the publication, ads are found onPlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, plus the video is unmissable. As a result, even gamers with SSD have to wait a long time, because even though the game loads quickly, they have to watch the video.

Apparently 2K slept through the Electronic Arts scandal,which flared up after the introduction of ads in UFC 4. Gamers saw inserts during reruns of highlights from the match, as well as the logo or product name on the octagon itself. The players hated it and forced EA to remove the ads.

“It is clear from your feedback that integrationadvertising in Replay and Overlay is discouraged. The team turned off ads and we apologize for any gameplay issues players may have, ”wrote an EA spokesperson.

It is also noteworthy that 2K was one of the firstcompanies that raised the prices of games. For example, the version of NBA 2K21 for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC costs $ 60, but for the editions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X you will have to pay already $ 70.

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