–40 ° С or –95 ° С? Imagine that you are on Mars - what is the weather like there now? Live meets the mission InSight!

The latest weather information transmitted by InSight dates back to February 18, 2019. Then the temperature drops

ranged from –20 ° C to –80 ° C, and the maximum wind speed was almost 17 m / s. These are typical indicators for the end of the winter period on Mars.

Information about the Martian weather is practically live - with a correlation over the distance from Mars to the Earth - can be viewed on the mission website.

Weather on Mars from February 16 to February 18, 2019

The InSight space probe landed on Mars on November 26 at 22.50 Moscow time. You can see the live broadcast of the landing and the first shots of the dust storm in the “Hightech” material.

Location of weather sensors on the InSight

InSight's mission is for 720 days. During this time, the probe will study the seismic activity of the planet and, most importantly, drill a well with a depth of up to 5 m. Perhaps this will allow to detect the accumulation of liquid water or ice under the surface of Mars.