5 new products from Samsung will be released on August 5

Samsung is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. And soon we will witness something new

the company's breakthrough in technology.TM Roh, who was appointed CEO of Samsung's mobile division in January this year, shared his thoughts on "Next Normal" in a post on Samsung's website. Roh highlights how much more important technology has become since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how Samsung plans to take on the new challenges it has created.

The first phase begins with the next wave of Samsung devices, which will launch on August 5th. What will the five new Samsung devices be like?

The Galaxy Note 20 is the main reason for this event, so it is the first device on the list. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 will also almost certainly be unveiled on August 5th — that's two.

From the last part of the quote “… in your ears andon your wrist" we can easily deduce that he's referring to the Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Watch 3: two devices we've seen a lot of leaks about.

So what's the latest device? There are two contenders: the Galaxy Z Flip 5G and the Galaxy Tab S7. Both seem to be equally likely to be part of the Unpacked event, but the 5G version of the existing phone doesn't seem very exciting to us. That's why we hope Samsung's next flagship tablet, the Tab S7, will be a product that complements the lineup.

It goes without saying that this year's Unpacked Summer event will be one of the largest in recent Samsung history. And there are only a couple of weeks left.

Samsung's three strategic principles

TM Roh also talks about the three priorities he is focusing the company on to meet the needs of consumers living in the “Next Normal”. This…

Meaningful innovation. The CEO says that over the past 6 months, Samsung has stepped up its research and development efforts and provided additional resources in this area.

The products mentioned above come out too early,to reflect this growth in research and development, which means the Galaxy lineup of smartphones, tablets and smartwatches next year could be a big step forward.

Open collaboration.In this section, Ro talks about Samsung's collaborations with Microsoft, Google, Netflix and Spotify. Indeed, Microsoft and Samsung are working closely to ensure a seamless workflow between Galaxy phones and Windows PCs, attempting to match Apple's tight integration with products in its own ecosystem.

Efficiency and dexterity.Finally, Samsung's CEO talks about the importance of the company's ability to quickly respond to the needs of its customers and partners. Samsung's supply chain has been disrupted several times as a result of the pandemic, leading to delays and product shortages.

Roh hopes that Samsung will be able to not only develop new and innovative products seamlessly, but also continue to release products from its lineup without missing a beat.

Overall, the position of CEOmakes us expect more new Samsung products. We hope the company can deliver on its promises and raise the bar by forcing its competitors to supply better products as well.