5 Things to Know About Upcoming Mac Pro Upgrade

After a long silence about the future of the Mac Pro, Apple finally confirmed, despite dissatisfaction

professional users, that she is busy with its complete processing, the result of which should go to the shelves next year.

Although Apple talked a little about the upcomingNew to the executive directors, Philippe Schiller and Craig Federigi, were surprisingly open when talking to reporters about this topic. They explained what are the main objectives of the company and what users should expect. This unprecedented move for a secretive company like Apple shows that it really counts with professional users and their opinions.



Here is an excerpt from an interview regarding the next generation Mac Pro:

1. Apple takes Mac seriously

For a long time, it was thought that Apple was not tootakes care of Mac users because they don’t make a significant contribution to the company's revenue. For this reason, she was thought to be in no hurry to significantly update the Mac Pro and iMac lines at any frequency.



However, data from Apple drawsa completely different picture and show that the Mac market is important to Apple. According to them, the world has 100 million Mac users, and Apple's annual revenue from it is $ 25 billion. Although this can not be compared with iPhone sales, the amount is still quite significant.

Regarding the popularity of Mac Pro, Applesays that his percentage of sales is a single digit. The most popular models are called MacBook Pro and iMac. This is most likely due to the high cost of the Mac Pro, which does not always pay off, and the stated focus on professional users.

2. Powerful iMac as a replacement for Mac Pro

The emergence of new powerful processors and graphics cardsmeans that a certain portion of Mac Pro users will be able to do their job on iMac. To make this possible, Apple will release an updated iMac with more powerful components later this year. To be more precise, Schiller mentioned “iMac configurations specifically designed for professional users,” which will become available to establish the iMac as the most popular device for professionals.

3. Farewell to dual video card

One of the key aspects of the Mac Pro 2013 wasthe presence of two video cards. Then Apple was confident that dual-card configurations would become popular in the future. Unfortunately, it did not happen. On the contrary, to date, they use only a very limited number of professional users.

Dual-card design left Applelittle space for the cooling system and other components. The company will not repeat this mistake: it is now possible with almost complete certainty to say that the next Mac Pro will have only one video card. Considering the power of the latest Nvidia GPUs, as well as the fact that most applications use only one graphics card in any case, this is the perfect solution.



Federigi noticed that the new Mac Prowill be aimed at professional consumers: for example, those involved in the development of virtual reality and the production of expensive cinema. Applications created for such tasks, in order to increase productivity, use not two, but only one video card. Therefore, the next generation of Mac Pro will meet their needs.

4. Modular design

Apple has not announced anything about the design of the newMac Pro models, but Schiller clearly indicated that it would be modular. This means that all key components of the system will be easy to remove and update, which is very important for professional computers. This also suggests that the new design will have nothing to do with the existing one, which resembles a bin.



5. Ease of updating

The modular design of the future Mac Pro will make it easyits update. Although it remains unclear whether Apple will allow users to update its components, the company itself will be able to easily do this for several years, as opposed to the current Mac Pro model. A larger chassis size will improve the cooling system.

“We will devote as much time aswill require the development of a solution that can be maintained and updated over the years. The current Mac Pro model, as we have said several times, has cooling problems that prevent us from updating it. ”- Philippe Schiller

What do you think of Apple as a professional user? Are you going to purchase the new Mac Pro if it is easy to upgrade and have a modular design?

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