60% of Russians believe they can fix a computer themselves

The Sberservice company conducted a study and found out that 60% of Russians do not want to apply for

professional help for the repair and maintenance of computers. They believe that they are experienced enough to fix PCs themselves in most cases.

Accordingly, 40% of Russians are ready to apply tospecialist in case of breakdown. As CNews writes, problems that the user really cannot solve himself do not arise very often. For 70% of respondents, this happens on average 1-3 times a year. Even if the user himself cannot solve the problem, there will be people in his environment who can help. It is reported that 39% recruit relatives for computer assistance.

Sberservice noted that the appeal forprofessional help is perceived as the last option. Experts believe that the reasons for this are the absence of strong players in this market and the poor awareness of users about such services.

CNews adds that Russians most often do not know where to turn for computer help and are afraid that it will be expensive and time-consuming.