7 Tips for Using Firefox on iPhone and iPad

Most iPhone and iPad owners use the standard Safari browser, but there are those who like Firefox more.

If you are one of these people, then we will help you use the browser to its full potential.

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Below you will find some useful tips on using the Firefox browser for iOS.

  • Manage your privacy
  • Use sync
  • Use smart search bar
  • Manage your tabs
  • Browse your library
  • Share with one touch
  • Choose how far back

Manage your privacy

The Mozilla Firefox browser is known for its protection and security, but you can protect your personal data even more reliable.

Open the Firefox app on your iPhone or iPad, click the button menu in the lower right corner of the screen and select Options. Scroll down to section Privacyin which there will be several options available.

Usernames and passwords: You can enable the storage of logins for synchronization with other devices. If you do not need it, the function can be disabled.

Touch (Face) ID and passcode: You can use Touch / Face ID or password to automatically enter logins. You can also select the time after which confirmation is required.

Data management: Here you can view website data and enable or disable the deletion of personal data. Among them are history, cache, cookies, etc.

Close private tabs: You can close or not close private tabs automatically when you exit Private Browsing.

Tracking protection: You can enable Enhanced Tracking Protection, and select a level of protection.

You can also read the Firefox privacy policy here.

Use sync

Like Safari, in Firefox you can synchronize your bookmarks, history and logins on all devices. You can continue to use the browser from the same moment on the iPhone that you finished on Mac.

On the main browser screen, click menu and select Options. At the very top, you can log in to your account and set up synchronization.

Select your account, and then mark the data you want to synchronize: bookmarks, magazine, open tabs and logins. Here you can disable synchronization.

If necessary, you can press the button Sync under your account.

Use smart search bar

The browser has recommendations for search, the mostThe sites you visit, as well as the smart search bar. This means that you do not need to open a search engine to find something. Just enter the query into the address bar.

When you type the request, you will seeconvenient recommendations, among which you can choose the right one. In addition, you'll see Google, Twitter, and Wikipedia icons above the keyboard. With their help, you can quickly select a specific site to search.

To remove sites from this panel or add others, click on magnifying glass from the left edge of this panel. Here you can select the default search engine, as well as configure additional sites for search.

In addition, next to the address bar there is an icon for scanning QR codes, which is also very convenient.

Manage your tabs

You can at your discretion change the location of the tabs and even send open tabs to other devices with Firefox.

You can find out the number of open tabs by the number on the tab icon in the bottom panel, and clicking on this icon will open a preview of all the tabs.

  • Close tabby clicking on the icon X in her corner.
  • Swap tabsby pinching and dragging them on the screen.
  • Bookmark Tabs, send them to other devices or copy their links by pinching and swiping up.
  • Close all tabsby clicking the trash can icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Open private tabsby clicking on the mask icon.
  • Search tabs using the search bar.

Browse your library

Firefox makes it easy to browse your bookmarks, history, reading list, downloads, and synchronized tabs.

Click icon menu bottom of the screen and select Your library. Then select one of the sections to view it. To close the library, swipe it down.

Share with one touch

In Firefox, you can very quickly and easily share sites, pages and articles. In addition, you can share anywhere and with anyone.

Click three dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen next to the address bar. Click Share via, and then select one of the available options.

Choose how far back

You can go back not only onepage, but also at once. For example, if you managed to browse through several sites already, now you can return to a specific page right away, rather than flipping back several times.

Pinch back arrow or forward arrow on the bottom panel to view the whole story. From the list, select the desired site.

As you can see, Firefox is a great browser with many features and settings. Now you know how to use it to its full potential.