8 reasons to wait for iOS 10 jailbreak

IOS 10 was released a long time ago, many already had the opportunity to experience what’s called themselves,

Amazing new features that this OS provides, such as lock screen widgets, iMessage effects, and an updated alarm clock.

With every update, iOS is getting morehoned and functional, which makes using the jailbreak less and less relevant. But there are many more reasons why iOS 10 jailbreak is still needed. In this article, we will talk about 8 main reasons.



1. Hacking applications

One of the biggest reasons to jailbreak isnew functionality of the main and third-party applications, as well as the ability to get rid of the restrictions imposed on them. In the case of Pokemon Go, you can install a jailbreak tweak that allows you to move around the map using the joystick, and not physically.

Cydia store is full of plentytweaks, which increases the potential for using third-party applications, from Instagram chips that allow you to save photos and videos to your device, and ending with Snapchat hacks that allow you to view photos without time limits and save them to Camera Roll.

2. File Manager



There is another important feature thatmissing in iOS 10, this is the presence of a file manager. Given the closed ecosystem of iOS, it is not surprising that Apple has not provided this feature so far. But with the help of jailbreak, we can make it quite real and workable.

iFile - file manager with full functionality,which allows you to view system files and folders, as well as edit them directly from your iPhone. You can also save files downloaded from the Internet.

3. Themes and Appearance



Jailbreak allows you to configure your device toiOS 10 in every way possible. You can install themes using the winterboard to change the look of your iPhone, which will turn your iPhone into an Android device or your iPad on a Mac.

The jailbreak will also allow you to add original badges and icons, an additional row of keys on the virtual keyboard, change the operator’s logo and much more.



You can change application icons to more colorful or vice versa minimalistic ones developed by true aesthetics. Examples of good setups:

  • 15 best themes for iPhone, iPad, iPod [jailbreak iOS 9.3.3]
  • Best jailbreak tweak compilation for iPhone on iOS 9.3.3

4. New exclusive features from iOS 10 on older devices

Many were disappointed to learn that the new “Raise to Wake” feature from iOS 10 is only available for iPhone 6s and newer models.

Cydia developers quickly ported newfeatures for older devices. We have already seen tweaks for Cydia, which provide 3D Touch functionality for older devices, as well as the picture-in-picture mode.

If there is a jailbreak for iOS 10, there are nodoubt that anyone will transfer the Raise to Wake feature to older devices. In fact, there is already a jailbreak tweak called ProximityLock, which uses the proximity sensor on the iPhone to lock and unlock the device.

5. Restricting access to applications and folders

When your iPhone falls into the wrong hands, there isthe likelihood that your personal information will be available without your permission. Thanks to the amazing features of jailbreak tweaks such as Asphelia and BioLockdown & Bioprotect, you can block applications and folders on your device using TuochID or an access code and prevent unauthorized access to them in a timely manner.

6. Change the system font

BytaFont 2 allows you to change the system font on your jailbroken iPhone. The program will change the font in applications, the lock screen and in many other areas.

7. Emulators

Want to play classic Sega games andGameboys that were popular in your childhood? With jailbreak tweaks like GBA4iOS and RetroArch, you can play these games directly on your iOS device and bring back your memories from childhood.

8. Installing the default application

One of the main limitations of iOS 10 isthe inability to install your favorite third-party applications as the default application. Fortunately, MapsOpener jailbreak allows you to set Google Maps as the default application instead of Apple's Maps application, and BrowserChooser allows you to change the default browser.

In this review, only the mostobvious reasons why you need jailbreak for iOS 10. Recall that so far there has not been a single official jailbreak release for iOS 10, but we will keep you posted as soon as the detailed information becomes known. Stay in touch!

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