80 asteroids approached Earth in August

Roskosmos recorded 80 asteroids in August that were approaching the Earth. Closest distance, at

which the celestial body approached was less than 8000 kilometers.

Representatives of the department told TASS about this. They talked about asteroids from the Apollo group, which is the name for asteroids whose orbits cross the earth's orbit from the outside. Roscosmos noted that such objects often approach the Earth.

In August, most of the approaching asteroidswere new to scientists. Only ten of them were previously known. After discovering new asteroids, astronomers calculate their orbits for the long term, and also assess the potential danger to the Earth.

Recall that on September 1, the asteroid 2011 ES4 will pass near the planet at a distance of about 120 thousand kilometers. The likelihood of a collision with him was considered insignificant.