A British startup presented a robotic arm with sensitive artificial leather.

The robotic hand, built on the basis of two Dexterous Hands robots, is capable of 24 movements and has 129

built-in sensors that monitor factors such as hand position, force and pressure. The hand can hold objects weighing up to 5 kg.

The device is equipped with BioTac tactile sensors,created by SynTouch from the University of Southern California. Each sensor has a soft, flexible surface that resembles skin - there are even fingerprints on it. When the artificial skin touches the surface, the vibrations generated by this process resonate through the fluid and are detected by the built-in hydrophone. This allows the sensor to recognize textures and can also measure temperature.

In the future, the development can be used for remote surgical operations, bomb disposal, or work at great depths, scientists note.

It was previously reported that the French company Wandercraft is beginning mass production of its new exoskeleton with the Atalante stabilization system - it can be used without the help of crutches.