A Japanese man saved children from the fear of going to the toilet at night with the help of a spider lamp

The children of a Japanese engineer were afraid to go to the toilet at night. He came up with a non-trivial solution to the problem. Discuss

The engineer bought an ordinary lamp in stores, and alsomade robotic spider legs. He 3D printed most of the limb components. Under the lamp near the structure is a small computer that allows you to control the spider lamp using a Bluetooth joystick. The Japanese spent about a week creating this miracle. The total cost ranged from 100,000 to 150,000 yen (up to 63.5 thousand rubles).

The engineer noted that the night light was supposed to be"a reliable partner who walks with you in the dark and makes you feel safe." The engineer's daughter already regularly uses the lamp robot. And the children also have a toy box and a stand on the same spider legs.