A new round of Deepfake: the neural network speaks in the voice of Ksenia Sobchak (and any other celebrity)

We have already seen more than once how neural networks replaced the faces of actors in videos or added details to objects in the frame. Now

This round of Deepfake videos has reached a new level thanks to Vera Voice.

What is known

This is a joint project between Robot Ver and a film producerTimur Bekmambetov (you may know him from the films “Night Watch”, “Wanted”, “Ben Hur”, etc.). Vera Voice is a system that, based on recurrent and convolutional neural networks, can reproduce the voice of any person. Now, for example, AI has generated the votes of Ksenia Sobchak, Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Pozner.

It's really impressive and scaryat the same time, because the technology can be used not only for practical jokes and harmless congratulations, but also in various fake news. Therefore, in our time it is very important to develop critical thinking and always check information, as well as use only reliable sources. By the way, we have an interesting article on our website about how hackers steal users’ money because they are not accustomed to using the original source of information.