A teenager spent ₽1 million stolen from her mother on games and purchases

Police in China helped recover some of the 120,000 yuan (979,000 rubles) that a 14-year-old girl stole from

to his mother to spend on games and shopping, according to the South China Morning Post. The mother saved this money for the operation. Discuss

The parents of the child called the city policeBaoding, northern China's Hebei province, and reported that their 14-year-old daughter had spent the money on online purchases of paid game accounts, mobile phones, clothing and food. The money was set aside to pay for an operation to correct a protruding disc in the mother's lower back, and the parents asked the police to help return as much money as possible.

"She linked her mother's bank account to hers.account in WeChat (a Chinese social network - approx. ed.), and then went shopping on the Internet," the police officer told the South China Morning Post.

The police spoke to the girl and asked herprovide receipts for all purchases she made with the stolen money. They also contacted the relevant trading platform and informed them that the shopper was a minor who used the stolen money and demanded a refund.