A video appeared on the network with the departure of an American aircraft with mechanical ventilation devices for Russia

The U.S. Air Force posted online video with the departure of the American plane C-17 Globemaster III with 50

mechanical ventilation apparatus (IVL) for Russia.

Judging by the available data, the plane on Wednesdayleft the March base in California, from where he was sent to the Dover base in Maryland. In the future, it was from there that cargo should be delivered directly to Moscow. At the same time, interestingly, on the basis of, referring to the rules of secrecy, they refused to give any information regarding whether the board will fly towards Russia.

“The logistics of this transportation are somewhat complicated. We were notified in a short time. The crew and the aircraft were to receive diplomatic permits and visas, ”said the S-17 pilot, Lt. Col. Susan Gordon, in turn.