A year after the release: Clubhouse went to Android

The Clubhouse development team, one year after the release of the social network,

announced an app for Android devices.

What is known

We are talking about the beta version so far.Users in the US can already download it. A little later, the program will also appear in other English-speaking countries, and then around the world. So far, everyone can apply to test Clubhouse on Google Play. As soon as the application becomes available for download, you will receive a notification.

Remind me, Clubhouse is a voice-activated sociala network by invitation, which until recently was an iOS exclusive. During the pandemic, Clubhouse gained a lot of popularity. The app's downloads peaked in February 2021. Then in a month the program was downloaded by 9.6 million users. Now this figure has dropped to 922 thousand.

Source: Clubhouse

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