Activision is working on a mobile version of Call of Duty Warzone

Activision was pleased with the results of Call of Duty Mobile and plans to transfer to mobile platforms and others

projects from "senior platforms". Judging by the company's new vacancy, the next Call of Duty Warzone is being prepared for smartphones.

Warzone mobile

The Santa Monica office is looking for an executiveproducer for a new mobile project codenamed WMZ. The candidate will be responsible for developing the user experience for the "new mobile AAA first-person shooter for the Call of Duty franchise." The vacancy has already been removed from the site, but Charlieintel managed to take screenshots with a list of responsibilities and requirements.

The producer will be instructed to “find, adapt and embedthe main features from Warzone for consoles and PCs to the best mobile version. " The candidate will also have to improve the battle royale formula by adapting it to smartphones. Responsibilities include leading the Warzone Mobile development team, including making decisions regarding custom features, interface, and quality control.

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It is noteworthy that in mobile Call of Duty alreadyhas its own royal battle, made according to the Blackout templates (KB for Black Ops 4). Perhaps Activision decided to replace it with the Warzone version in order to unify the mode on smartphones, PCs and consoles. So it's not far from crossplay.

Source: Charlieintel

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