Adidas made headphones from the materials of a sports jacket. How do you like that, clear kid?

8/10 Rating according to FerraAdidas RPT-01 For Russian people, Adidas is sportswear and shoes. Less commonly, deodorants and

colognes for the fashionable and stylish.But in fact, the Three Stripes company has long been producing branded audio equipment for fans of a healthy lifestyle and other CrossFit fitness enthusiasts. Previously, these were all sorts of Sennheiser models with labels in the style of “good for sports, we checked. Adidas", but since 2018, the legendary sports brand has been embodying its own wishes in unique headphone models, and the Swedes from Zound Industries are implementing this in hardware (so that there are no stupid design errors, etc.). We tested a model that was released in the fall of 2019 - ultra-light, very durable on-ear sports headphones made from… fabrics? Is it good or bad? Is it necessary or just showing off? It's a long conversation, so make yourself comfortable.

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