AI taught to forget unnecessary information

The researchers explained that the models effectively remember any information. This is usually fine, but in

in some cases - harmful, because AI does not shareimportant and non-essential data and processes them with equal efficiency, spending about the same amount of data. But as the amount of information available increases, systems are forced to spend more and more of their limited computing resources processing it. Facebook researchers hope to help future AIs be more mindful by giving data an expiration date.

This method is called Expire-Span and will helpneural networks efficiently sort and store information that is most suitable for performing the tasks assigned to them. Expire-Span works by first predicting what information will be most useful to the network in a given context, and then assigning an expiration date to it. The more important, according to Expire-Span, this or that information, the more distant the shelf life of the data. Neural networks will be able to keep relevant information for a longer time, constantly freeing up memory, forgetting irrelevant data.

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Expire-Span calculates the expiration dateinformation for all kinds of data and does this every time he is presented with a new piece of information. This tag determines how long information is retained in memory, the researchers explained. "The gradual decay of a piece of data is the key to preserving important information without blurring it."

Although research is still in its early stages,Scientists are confident that not many steps are needed to improve the neural network. In the future, the team hopes to develop an even closer human memory, but capable of assimilating new information much faster than current technology allows.

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