AirPods 3 with water protection may be released in 2019

Not so long ago, Apple updated the AirPods line with a wireless headphone model with an improved battery and

wireless charging. However, according to rumors, another new version of the headphones may be released this year.

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Wedbush analyst believes Apple will releaseAirPods 3 this year, and their most significant advantage will be protection against water. Both current AirPods models are not officially protected from water and dust, but they can still withstand them.

Analyst believes that Apple will release newheadphones for the holiday season. In addition, the company can surprise everyone by changing the design of the headphones, no matter what it means. If Apple really changes the design of the new AirPods, it really sets them apart from the two current models.

We are not hearing such rumors for the first time. Recently, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple will release two new versions of AirPods in 2019 and 2020. One of them should have a completely new design. Both analysts coincide in their assumptions.

It makes no sense to deny that protection from water and dust ismost desired feature for AirPods. If Apple presents a new headphone model this year, their sales will be high. However, those who bought AirPods 2 are unlikely to be happy with such news.