AirPods Pro turned out to be “disposable” headphones

So many positive reviews about the new AirPods Pro managed to create a very positive impression about the new product.

However, there is a negative assessment, and to be more precise, the wireless headphones found a serious problem, because of which they were attributed the title of “disposable” headphones. So what's the deal?

Comparison of AirPods Pro and PowerBeats Pro

Problems with AirPods Pro

Foreign bloggers insist that it’s not worth itbuy new AirPods Pro. Even though they deliver excellent sound quality and have so many advantages. Having spent 20,990 rubles on AirPods Pro, you run the risk of losing a new accessory in a year. That's why…

This is not about functional characteristics, butabout the headphone battery. The real problem is that all batteries lose their properties over time. Therefore, in a couple of years, your AirPods Pro will serve you not 5 hours, but half as much, and maybe even less. And after a year they will generally become unusable, and you will have to throw them into the bin.

New AirPods Pro now switched to batteries onbutton elements of a standard type, while all expensive antennas and microcircuits are located in another part, on the stock, but, unfortunately, they still cannot be repaired. The reason is that they are built in a non-modular manner and use a lot of glue, which makes removing and replacing the battery an extremely difficult process.

Aren't all wireless headphones made like thisway? No. For example, Samsung Galaxy Buds has standard “tablet” batteries that can be bought for $ 20-30 and then replaced in less than an hour. The incredibly good-sounding Sony Wireless WF-1000XM3 True Wireless headphones also use the same type of battery and are easily replaced when after a few years they inevitably begin to lose capacity. These and many other products were created by engineers who are well aware that batteries in wireless headphones will need to be replaced after several years of use.

Many have known about this shortcoming for a long time, so heAlso present in the original AirPods. Wired recently contacted Apple about the new AirPods Pro and received the following comment: “[AirPods Pro] is no more maintainable than previous versions.”

Now that you know it's one-timeproduct, you can spend 20 990 rubles on them, if, of course, you want. They sound great, they are comfortable, they suit many people much better than the original AirPods. Just know that if you use them often, then after 2-3 years you will also throw them away, and you will have to spend the same amount on a new pair.