AirPower Charging Released in 2019

According to rumors, the AirPower charging cradle will be released in 2019. The new Digitimes report announces

that AirPower production has already been launched.

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AirPower Releases Apple Supplier Revenuelike Lite-On Semiconductor, which has been producing packaging for some Apple devices for more than a year. However, AirPower will be released most likely in the second half of the year.

AirPower device production finallylaunched, according to sources. Recall that for the first time the wireless charging stand was presented in September 2017, and was promised to be released in 2018.

A week ago, we already heard rumors that AirPower production had begun. In 2018, charging was not released due to problems with overheating, and some have already begun to think that it will never work out.

This time, the information came from reliable sources, so it looks like Apple will indeed release AirPower this year.

Perhaps together with AirPower the company will releasethe updated iPad mini and the new 9.7-inch iPad, and will present them in March this year. Or Apple may just unexpectedly add charging to its website, as happened with the Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS / XR.