All 2021 iPhones promised to return Touch ID

The source said that the next Apple smartphones in the 2021 lineup, which are likely to be

called iPhone 13, will receive Touch ID. The sensor will be built into the screen.

Apple is reported to be testing a newbiometric sensor for upcoming smartphones. Also, all devices in the line are said to receive a small "bangs". Its reduction will be possible thanks to a more compact camera module. As for the lidar, the Pro and Pro Max models will have one.

Recall that the current generation of iPhone 12 hasonly Face ID, that is, a technology for face recognition. You can use Face ID to pay for purchases in stores, apps, and websites. During the pandemic, when everyone began to wear medical masks en masse, iPhone owners faced inconvenience, because their smartphones could not recognize the covered face. A little later, Apple partially solved this problem.