All about Shifting Tides, the final season of Rainbow Six Siege: new operators and improvements to Luna Park

Ubisoft has finally revealed the last season of the fourth year of the Rainbow Six Siege called Shifting Tides.


The new fighters of Rainbow Six Siege will be the attacker Kali and the defender Wamai.

Kali's main weapon is the sniper rifle.CSRX 300, which can shoot through several walls and even operatives. One hit from a rifle to the head kills the enemy, but a bullet to the body will only knock the fighter off his feet, turning him in the direction of the shot. The CSRX 300 can shoot through wooden barricades and walls, but it cannot penetrate fortifications and metal shields.

At the same time, the sniper rifle is equipped witha grenade launcher that fires bolts that destroy enemy installations. The projectiles are vulnerable to Jäger and Wamai gadgets, and can also be eliminated by shooting them in the rear. Once the bolts hit an operator, they deal minor damage.

Vamai's defender can't boast of being coolfirearms, but his Magnet gadget can ruin the attackers' offensive. The device attaches to the walls and ceilings of a location, and attracts thrown grenades, smoke bombs and other devices, such as Kali bolts. The projectiles can still explode, causing damage and stunning enemies, but at the Magnet's location.

Wamai can choose the MP5K or AUG A2 as his primary weapon, and the Keratos 357 or P-12 as his secondary weapon.

Amusement park

Ubisoft also finalized Luna Park:

  • Removed the depot, dividing the second floor in half.
  • The panic room on the first floor was converted into a throne room and a weapons room with a flight of stairs.
  • We added an arcade room on the second floor, creating a new workaround.
  • The entrance to the arcade on the first floor is completely blocked.

According to Ubisoft, the changes will improve navigation on the map and also increase the number of skirmishes.

According to the classics, the first to play as the characters will be givenFourth Year Pass holders and Uplay+ subscribers. The rest will have to wait a week and buy fighters separately. The update will be launched on November 11 on the test server, and the changes will reach public servers in early December.

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