Amazon teaches voice assistant Alexa to imitate the voices of dead people

The Amazon Alexa voice assistant has received a new feature - the ability to imitate the voice of any person, including

the number of the deceased.

How it works?

To imitate someone's voice, Alexa is enoughless than a minute of recorded audio - this can be a video, a voice message, etc. This feature is currently under development. Amazon hasn't said when it will go public.

At the annual conference Re:MARS senior vice president and chief scientist of the Alexa team, Rohit Prasad, showed a video demonstrating the work of Alexa. On it, the child asks to read a bedtime story in the voice of a deceased grandmother. Prasad emphasized that the humanization of artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important "in times of pandemic, when many of us have lost someone we loved."

“AI cannot eliminate this pain of loss, but it is definitely able to prolong the memory of them”

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