American Airlines to buy 20 Overture supersonic aircraft with flight speeds up to 2,100 km/h for $26 billion

Boom Electronic has received an order to purchase 20 Overture supersonic aircraft. The buyer was the largest

The world's largest air carrier is America Airlines.

What is known

Boom Supersonic already has several orders fordelivery of 130 airliners, including options. The value of the new contract was $26 billion, Blake Sholl, CEO of the American company, said.

Overture aircraft will be designed to carryup to 80 passengers, and their main feature will be the work on environmentally friendly aviation fuel. The first samples of airliners will appear in three years. If everything goes well, then passenger flights on Boom Supersonic aircraft will begin in 2029.

Now the manufacturer has a 1 to 3 scale demonstration sample ready, which will undergo flight tests in 2022. The commercial version of Overture will be able to reach speeds up to Mach 1.7 (2100 km / h).

Source: Reuters

Image: Boom Supersonic

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