American aviation helmet HGU-56 / P saved the life of a Ukrainian pilot after his helicopter was shot down by a Russian missile

The American company Gentex showed a branded helmet HGU-56 / P, which saved the life of a Ukrainian pilot. Story

occurred in March when a Russian missile shot down a Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter. Two crew members survived and after the exchange of prisoners of war returned to Ukraine.

For those who are not in the know

HGU-56/P is a modern Americanhelicopter helmet. It was created by Gentex in 1995. He came to replace the SPH-4B model. The helmet is made from a mixture of graphite and spectra. This makes it very light and durable. HGU-56/P has a double shield system. It moves up and down with a special lever on the side. The shield can be transparent, tinted, high contrast or laser protective.

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Source: @UAWeapons