Ammunition for HIMARS, GLSDB missiles, Hawk air defense systems, Puma UAVs, Jevelin MANPADS and Claymore mines: US announces new $2,200,000,000 military aid package for Ukraine

The United States continues to help Ukraine fight against Russian invaders, announcing a new package of military


What is known

The new military power package is designed for $2,200,000,000. Part of the weapons will be transferred from US stocks, and some will be ordered from manufacturers.

Armament from US stocks for $425,000,000:

  • Additional ammunition for HIMARS;
  • additional artillery shells of 120 mm caliber;
  • 190 heavy machine guns with thermal sights and ammunition;
  • 181 MRAP vehicles;
  • 250 Javelins;
  • 2000 anti-tank missiles;
  • Claymore anti-personnel mines;
  • explosive ammunition;
  • cold weather gear, helmets and other field equipment.

Armament under the USAI (Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative) program for $1,750,000,000:

  • 2 air defense HAWK;
  • anti-aircraft guns and ammunition;
  • equipment for the integration of Western air defense systems, launchers, missiles and radars with Ukrainian air defense;
  • equipment to support Ukraine's existing air defense capabilities;
  • air defense generators;
  • anti-UAV equipment;
  • 4 air surveillance radars;
  • 20 counter-mortar radars;
  • Spare parts for counter-battery radars;
  • UAV Puma;
  • guided missiles (GLSDB)
  • secure communication equipment;
  • medical equipment;
  • training, maintenance.

Source: @OstapYarysh