An asteroid threatening the Earth is flying at a speed of 33,000 km / h. It's 27 times faster than sound

Asteroid 2015 FF is 13 to 28 meters in diameter, about the length of an adult blue whale.

(Balaenoptera musculus). The space rock will fly past the Earth at a speed of 33,012 km / h - this is 27 times the speed of sound under normal conditions.

At closest approach, the asteroid will fly byat a distance of 4.3 million km from the Earth, which is almost 11 times greater than the average distance between the Earth and the Moon. By cosmic standards, this is a tiny distance.

NASA marks any space object thatlocated at a distance of 195 million km from the Earth, as a “near-Earth object”, and any fast moving object within 7.5 million km is classified by the agency as “potentially hazardous”.

After objects are tagged, astronomersthey are closely monitored, looking for any deviations from predicted trajectories — such as an unexpected bounce off another asteroid — that could lead to a devastating impact with Earth.

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