Analysts have underestimated Xiaomi sales of smartphones

As we wrote earlier, recently IDC analysts calculated how many manufacturers have sold smartphones for the first

quarter of 2019 However, Xiaomi was unhappy with these numbers.

How many?

The IDC report says that Xiaomi managed to sell 25 million smartphones for the quarter. And this is 10% less than the same period last year.

However, representatives of Xiaomi insist thatIndeed, the figures are higher - 27.5 million devices. This is stated in the official statement of the company for the media and investors. For the latter, by the way, these numbers are important, so a decline in sales can undermine their confidence and leave Xiaomi without investment.

IDC analysts promptly responded tocriticism, made repeated calculations and admitted his mistake. Indeed, the number of Xiaomi smartphones sold is not 25, but 27.5 million. The agency promises to publish the corrected report next week.

Recall, according to the results of the quarter, Samsung is still in the first place, but Huawei is on its heels: the Chinese company managed to increase its supply by an incredible 50.3%.

Do you know that

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