Andrei Burdin, “Clean Pure”: We just collect data from individuals, it’s not profitable for us to go to Altufyevo for 4 jars of Pepsi-Cola

At the epicenter of the tsunami

- Does your service work now?

- It works in test mode in Kolomna and

Obninsk. But we decided to cover it up a bit, because it became clear that putting out a local fire does not solve the general problem. We need to create a full-fledged platform and we are now working on it. We transform what was done on the knee into an application that has a very strong back-end. At the same time, we are starting to sign agreements with large clients in Moscow. For example, we were written by people from “Ostrovka”, BlaBlaCar, I went to a hotel chain, “Kitchen in the neighborhood” wants to start working with us, co-working “Key”.

- A little confusing, because your post has caused a lotof interest. What it looks like: we launched the application, here is the link to the site, everything works. People go to the site, there are no iPhone apps yet, but there is a profile. Many wrote that they had already left applications, and nothing happened.

- Yes, we collected statistics. We have a very interesting thing. The fact is that we have data that even Rosstat does not have.

- So you did it without running anything to collect statistics?

- Well, yes, because if you put out a fire like thisdo, for example, "Collector" and others, it turns out the local extinguishing of matches. And the problem is everywhere, and there are no “collectors” in Krasnoyarsk and in million-plus cities. They have their own local scammers ... For example, a girl contacted me about whom the Dog wrote. She says we drive around 60 bars in Leningrad, the car takes six thousand rubles. We take away glass free of charge, we bring and we hand over on two thousand. And it turns out that we have minus four, excluding depreciation and other expenses.

Photo: Anton Karliner / Haytek

- I also want to talk about the financial model, but it confuses me a little. It seems to you that this is normal? You told the users that we have a ready-made working service, hand over ...

- No, why, we said wrong. Have you tried to install the android application?

- No, I do not have Android.

- Look, there is no iOS now, but it’s worth it.prerequisites. That is, a person can leave an email, and when a letter arrives in his mail, he will receive an iOS. IOS is ready with us, the boy from Rocketbank rewrote it for free. He said: "Why do not you have iOS?". I say: "You know, no money on iOS." He says: "Well, let me rewrite you." I say, "Come on, can you really rewrite?" He says: "Yes, I can, I have a vacation now." Now we have iOS, it's a bit raw, and we decided not to post it.

When you realize that you hit the epicenter of a tsunami,there, of course, is quiet, but something absolutely terrible is happening all around. And we now have this situation. And we need to understand what we will do next. To accelerate, firstly, and, secondly, to show what is actually happening. Because everyone asks questions, my phone is discharged every five minutes, it is impossible to answer all calls, answer all letters, all incoming ones. This is some kind of quiet horror, honestly, I sleep for four hours.

Andrey Burdin

- I'm still surprised: you wanted to collect data, well, you only rolled out the application for Android, plus you can fill out a form on your site. In reality, this does not work in Moscow, at least for individuals.

- In the Android app in black and whiteit is written on the last screen that we are collecting statistics now. It works with those who have entered into a contract with us. This is the first. Now this is a small number of people, and we are gradually increasing the number.

What is happening now? Data is collected. There is data, and this is very important, do you know what big data is ?! I looked at all the technological chains that local activists have, I understood where they fly in very strongly for money, and I thought that everything could be done differently.

“I have to sell a kidney, an apartment to pay for these cars”

- You are going to build a fairly large infrastructure, as I understand it. This is the whole of Moscow, as announced, cars that come to the house and take all the garbage, you even pay for this waste.

- Firstly - the wrong question is perfect. We do not deal with garbage, so you understand. We do recycling.

- Well, recycle.

- Everyone is asking where you are taking the garbage. We do not take garbage, regional operators deal with garbage.

- But a lot of what we are throwing out now can be considered recyclable.

- Yes, and for this you need to do sorting.

- Many are ready to sort the trash. A lorry arrives home to a person, takes his recycled material.

- No, it is not, you are wrong, Ivan. We looked at the statistics. Our analyst is very deep, unlike all these enthusiasts. And fly into the money, as do other people, I have no desire. Because I have to sell a kidney, an apartment to pay for these cars. I am not ready to do this, I want to create a business model in which I make a profit. I am not an enthusiast, but an entrepreneur.

- I ask because this is exactly whatIt is written on Facebook: “It’s about like“ Yandex. Taxi, "you just press a button, and the garbage in landfills becomes less." What was the time when I was wrong when I said that the car was coming home to a person and picking up recycled materials?

- I explain. There are individuals, and there are legal. Individuals are in apartments, go to work, to schools and institutes. And legal entities are located in offices, they have separate buildings, people come to work for them, and they all produce garbage.

Photo: Anton Karliner / Haytek

- So your project is for legal entities?

- No, not only, it is for everyone. But now we can launch exactly the model for legal entities. We have worked out how to work with physicists, but this requires more money. Now the banks do not give us money, so there is no huge turnover in the accounts. But to fly out, burn fuel and go to zero, at best, and at worst, selling everything that is - is pointless and stupid from an economic point of view, do you agree?

Startups don't work like that. What startup is running at a loss? If only the one who expects that some donations or sponsors will come to him. We decided to postpone it all, we are not interested.

- First, many startups work at a loss ...

- Well, yes, I am also a long time in startups. Probably one of the few who are very long. And I do not think that it is necessary to take and do everything as it is and start working at a loss, I don’t really like it so much.

- I absolutely do not argue. As can be seen from the site "Clean Pure" and post on Facebook, your project will allow, including individuals, just sort the waste and they will pick it up and even pay for it. So now there is a project for legal entities, and people who thought that it works for individuals are wrong?

- Yes, because we can not go to Altufyevo for four cans from under Pepsi-Cola, and then to Bibirevo, and then to Butovo, to pick up four more cans. This is not a business.

- Then why do you have a profile for individuals on your site?

- Because we collect data.

- It looks as if you are ready to take recyclables from individuals.

- We did it with a different purpose - to understand what people have and for which regions.

- I understand you perfectly: it's cool that you collect data, but in this format it looks like a hoax of users.

- No, this is not a deception of users. We collected data and it was written in black and white - leave iOS for iOS, and if you have Android, it says that we are collecting data and maybe we will take the equipment from you. This is in Android, you can see this.

“Good, but I just don't have Android, unfortunately.”

- No, look, this is very important. No one is deceiving anyone. It simply says that we are now collecting data, and this is in every Android application.

- Well, plus the site is available. Okay.

- Nowhere is it written that we take and start to leave, you know.

- Okay, even under Facebook post, there are quite a few comments with questions, including interested individuals, which remained unanswered. You have not written anywhere else ...

- No, why, they write in a personal, in groupsVKontakte, Facebook, e-mail, call. You see what's wrong. Between us boys, the fact is that environmentalists started to throw at us very well - these are all. They understood that we would squeeze it all away from them now. And they earn very good money on this so that you understand.

"Everyone is evil, they think that we are cheating, we are collecting these unfortunate computers and we melt them"

- Then the question is about the further plans of the service "Clean Pure".

- We do an index update and say thatappeared section for legal entities. Because we have data and some serious big customers. We start working with them. In Leningrad, Moscow and soon we will work everywhere.

A lot of questions, all evil, we thinkwe deceive, we collect these unfortunate computers and we melt them, but we didn’t even call anyone and take nothing. We just want to see the statistics that people have.

- I understand the people who are annoying because it looks like you are ready to collect recyclables, and you are simply collecting their data.

- Yes, but we have people in general very accustomed toto invent something for yourself. They are accustomed to their reality and begin to invent. But, so that you understand, they are not wondering how it actually works. Who is interested - write to us. All the rest are starting to invent something, and this is not exactly what it really is. You need to know everything to judge something.

Photo: Anton Karliner / Haytek

- Is it planned to work with individuals as a result, or does it depend on the data that you are collecting now?

- There are several concepts, and we will try to work them out. And if one of them shows a good result, then we will use it. This is such an endless experiment.

The country is really a problem, no one knows thatto do, everyone is trying to do something, but no one succeeds. And since I live in Kolomna, I know about it. We have such a dump Volovichi. Or maybe you heard about garbage riots - this is just Kolomna, Gudkov rides on this hyip (the leader of the Party of Changes Dmitry Gudkov is “High-Tech”). There, already in some region, an activist was overwhelmed, by the way. Have you heard about it? And this is true. But all these activists, as soon as you write to them, say that we will not let you in our field.

- You talked with some eco-activists and movements, and what came out of it? That is, for example, Greenpeace or someone else?

- I talked with the guys from VVC.

- VVC?

- Yes, this is a panda thing.

- WWF?

- Yes, yes, WWF. Here WWF at least answered me. They said we have a colleague in the office, write to her. But she has been silent for a week.

- Wait, WWF as far as I know, protects mostly animals.

- WWF in general for all this. But Greenpeace Russia said: “No, we will not write anything about you. What will you do with boot covers? ”. I say, we have developed equipment that allows part of the shoe covers to be separated from the gum, because it is hellish work. They say: "And what will you do with rubber bands?". Well, what to do with rezinochki, they can only be burned, can not be recycled. They say, but we don’t like to burn them, we will not write about you.

- I wanted to ask about the mission of the company. You say you need to do something ...

- The guys donated us a little money,it turned out thousands of 10-12. And we did what no one did - they tried to figure out how bisphenol can be withdrawn from the check. This is a terrible, scary thing and is used very actively in thermal tapes. And it turned out that there are three ways. This is a dissolution, and the solvent is quite expensive. And reacting with bisphenol, it loses its properties and at some point ceases to work as a solvent, and turns into a liquid, which also needs to be disposed of, and these are additional costs. And all this hell says that you just need to start collecting checks separately and take them to incineration plants. Just bring the plants themselves so that there are no emissions.

With checks really nothing can be done. Here either electronic payments, or prohibit the use of bisphenol, but these are just new lines for tape manufacturers, or at least just start collecting them separately, and store them, and carry them to burning plants, which in principle are even working. And download not plastic, but checks.

Huge story with that very muchInformation pops up with the fact that people want to pass plastic. And when you start asking them, what is the chemical composition of your plastic, they say that there is no marking. And when you tell them, ask the counterparties for the marking of your plastic, they say they do not want to disclose. And it is impossible to figure out all this, what kind of plastic it is, what to do with it in general, how to recycle. A huge number of things that are not completely marked, come to us from China. And all this is small, piece copies, and to make everything controlled is impossible simply. Chinese - it, of course, breaks down, otherwise we would drive Chinese cars, and not German ones.

“We have a complete ass with tetrapack in the country”

- Well, what are you then trying to do in "Clean Pure"?

- We are trying to make the countrya lot of recyclable material appeared, and we didn’t import raw materials from abroad. They organized a collection, did the most difficult work, figured out how to select everything from below. And no activists could do this. We can recycle plants.

But the fact is that the capacities in the country are not ready forsuch a volume of recyclables that may appear. And we now have a term that we call “raw material overpressure”. That is, there is no capacity in any region for processing a specific type of product. Or it is not ready to deal with it. The main idea is this: people can turn to us, we can work with banks that will give loans to people in order for them to create jobs, make production small, which will work, say, in Perm, or let it be Astrakhan. But that was not this monstrous logistics. For example, the nearest processing plant “Tetrapak” to Moscow is located 450 kilometers away. And on logistics eats a lot of money. And therefore it is not profitable for anyone to carry it.

- We all know that in our country there are very big institutional problems with recycling. It was never a secret to anyone. But you come to this market and ...

- We don’t talk about garbage at all, we don’t say that word. We say the word recyclable.

Photo: Anton Karliner / Haytek

- Well, with recycling.

- And it becomes rubbish when people take and say, we will throw it in a landfill.

- Well, I agree, in Russia there are big problems with recycling.

- There are no problems with recycling.

- You just said that there is not enough power ...

- I say, we have little processed at all in the country it ...

- This is the problem, no?

- It will become a problem. Especially the fact that little is processed and you need to build capacity. But again, power is good. Because these are new jobs, less import and competitiveness.

- I wanted to narrow the topic and talk about "Clean Pure." Do you want to somehow develop the entire infrastructure, take recyclables from legal entities and take it to processing plants and earn money on it?

- Not only. Something will go to local receivers, something - to processing plants. It depends on the data, and the data may change. For example, in a certain area, in a local store, a new milk suddenly appears - and it is in a glass package, and other data begins to grow there. Accordingly, you need to carry the glass. The data is important, and I believe that the data should always be in realtime, it is very important. Not that statistics after four years. Because if we have fresh data, we can instantly change the direction of flows, be optimized.

- I just still do not think that the selectedyou are a way to collect data from individuals, let's say, ethically correct. You could just say - guys, help us, please, with your data. But I'm not talking about that now. The data you are collecting now, what do they already tell you?

- First, they say that we have a complete ass with Tetrapak in the country. Full ass.

- What else?

- We have excess capacity "Tetrapaka"excessive glass power, and it is quite expensive things. Glass can only be melted. And we have no small compact factories for glass, smelters, in the country at all.

- Andrei, but we all knew that before collecting data from individuals. What did the new collection of data of individuals tell you? That we do not have plants, we know that.

- You do not understand. For the economy, it means something else. Let it be hypothetical, but Sberbank can now issue loans for long futures for recyclables. There will be factories, they will process raw materials, they will have to wrestle with and invest in marketing. We have a fundamentally new concept.

- Can you then again ...

- Compact processing plants. They do not require logistics and are exactly where there is raw materials. These plants are mobile, you can quickly take them to the railway platform and move to another place.

- Andrei, I do not quite understand. You talked about mobile plants, as about a new concept, before that you said that you yourself would not build plants.

- You do not understand. No matter who will do it in the end, I tell you how it will be in 10–20 years. Everything is always based on data analysis, all research, the whole economy, is based on data, statistics. And compact processing lines are the future. It makes no sense to build a separate plant somewhere near Novosibirsk, suppose glass is, because manufacturers at some point may say - we will no longer use glass, we will switch to plastic. As it happened. Accordingly, this plant will be unprofitable without raw materials. He will burn. And if it is compact, mobile, it can be transferred to where it will be most needed at this moment.

- Andrei, then the last question. Once again in one sentence, the concept of the project "Clean Pure".

“Pure Clean” is Uber for trash. Now, having analyzed the data, we decided that it is more correct to work with large producers of recyclable materials, more precisely, garbage. But they are ready to introduce a separate collection, because they pay a lot for the disposal of municipal solid waste. And “Pure-Clean” helps companies and individuals to reduce the cost of solid waste disposal. It is enough to conclude an agreement with us, we will supply tanks for separate collection of garbage from our partners, or the companies install them themselves. They begin to sort what they do and hand them over to us. Accordingly, less goes to landfills, in this case, we really keep the promise. This is a solution to the problem of landfills with one touch of a finger. Because there is a contract, there is a separate fee, and there is an application. And everything happens exactly as we said, we are not deceiving anyone. Now we will start working in one area in Moscow, in one area in Leningrad and we will slowly approximate. And maybe fast. We'll see.