Android 9 update affected Xiaomi phones camera operation

Another piece of indignation from upset owners of Xiaomi smartphones. One by one they report

that the Android 9 update significantly affected the performance of the phone's camera. The camera began to produce images of poor quality and shoot “worse than a point-and-shoot camera.”

Owner reviews

At the moment, only reviews are recordedowners of phones from the Chinese company Xiaomi. Moreover, these are owners of a wide variety of device models: Redmi Note 5, Redmi 3 and 3S and others. Negative messages about a new problem with the camera began to appear on the Reddit website. So, one of their users writes that the camera began to «blur» photo, and the overall impression of the quality of the photo has become much worse.

Subject picked up by other users, noticing alsothat their devices are also experiencing this problem. Someone even suggested that Xiaomi intentionally does not correct this fact in order to force customers to update their phone to a newer version. Some users agreed with this opinion, while others are confident that in the next update this error will be corrected.

It is also worth noting that the latest updateAndroid 9 for many users added another headache. It is about a rapid decrease in the level of charge. A number of owners of smartphones from Xiaomi noticed that their phones began to be discharged much faster.

If this is actually a deliberate action withside of the manufacturer, the company runs the risk of losing its users, since the abundance of Chinese inexpensive smartphones with high-quality characteristics today is simply amazing.