Android Apps and New Design: Windows 11 Highlights

New design

In Windows 11, the interface has changed: the live tiles disappeared, and the Start menu, next to which

there are icons "Search", "List of tasks" and"Widgets" has moved to the center of the taskbar. A similar design was already in Windows 10X, which Microsoft created for dual-screen devices. But then the developers canceled everything in favor of transferring parts of this OS to the main version of Windows.

Opening windows can now be positioned bygiven templates. It is worth noting that this is very convenient when you need to work in multitasking mode with multiple monitors on which many applications are open. The appearance of the windows themselves has also changed, they have become more round (and in general everything in the OS has become rounded, even the logo), shadows with animations have appeared. It seems that when working on the new version, the developers paid a lot of attention to detail. Due to this, Windows 11 objectively outperforms Windows 10 in design.

Basic system sounds and wallpaper collection forthe desktop also became different. The former seem more melodic and the latter less boring. Variety has appeared in the color palette. Basic wallpapers by default look like crumpled pieces of fabric and include light and dark modes. This is a radical departure from the Windows logo, which was used by default in Windows 10, and from the two daisy colors in the wallpaper in Windows 8.

New Microsoft Store for Windows 11

Despite the fact that over the past weeks inA lot of information about Windows 11 appeared on the Internet, there was no data about the new app store in the leaks. Now Microsoft has officially unveiled the platform, so users can get a glimpse of what the company's new app store looks like.

In general, this is a big event, because the previous versions of this idea never caught on. The store will be called the Microsoft Store, not the Windows Store as it was after the 2017 rebrand.

Here are some of the very first images of the new store:

According to reports in the Microsoft Storewill host products from partners of the software giant, such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Zoom. Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay said developers can now save 100% of their revenue if they create their own in-app sales mechanism.

This approach differs from app storesApple and Google, which usually receive 30% of developer revenues and insist on their own payment platforms and in-app purchases. It's unclear if this also applies to games, which Microsoft and other companies usually view as separate from apps.

"Whether you're developing a UWP or a traditional Windows app, the Microsoft Store is for everyone," added Panay.

As a reminder, UWP is a universal platformWindows, created by Microsoft and first introduced in Windows 10. The platform aims to help you create universal apps that run on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, and Windows 10 IoT without changing the code.

An unexpected addition to Windows 11

Microsoft Store will publishAndroid applications that users can run directly in Windows 11. These applications can be pinned to the taskbar and interact with them in separate windows.

Microsoft says it is using the storeAmazon applications for porting Android applications to Windows 11. The software will be available directly from the new Windows store and will be powered by Intel Bridge technology. Android apps in Windows 11 can be pinned to the taskbar or tied to traditional Windows apps.

Android apps in the Windows store.

Android Apps in Windows 11 - The Obviousa response to Apple's success in releasing M1 chips and launching iOS apps on macOS. While there are many web equivalents to mobile apps, they are often lackluster and some apps like Snapchat, Ring, Venmo, Roomba, and most home automation apps are not available online.

Microsoft today demonstrated applicationssuch as TikTok running on Windows 11, but it's unclear how many existing devices will support Android apps running Windows 11 and this Intel partnership.

This unexpected announcement followedMicrosoft's initial plans to allow Windows developers to remake their existing Android apps for Windows in 2015. Project Astoria, as Microsoft called it, was a method to try to convince developers to port applications and make it easier. The plan ultimately fell apart less than a year later when Microsoft admitted that having "two bridging technologies for porting code from mobile operating systems to Windows was unnecessary."

When is the new Windows coming out and how to install it

As it became known today, the manufacturersoftware is committed to making it a free upgrade for Windows 10 users. Just as Windows 10 was free for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users, this new version of Windows 11 will be free for existing Windows 10 users.

All you need is a computer,meets the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11, which has a 64-bit processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage. Windows 11 will ship through Windows Update in much the same way that Windows 10 updates were previously available.

Windows 11 will include a new customan interface with a redesigned Start menu, performance improvements, and updates to improve multitasking. It even includes access to Android apps through the Amazon app store.

By the way, to upgrade to Windows 11 Homeyou will now need an internet connection during installation and a Microsoft account. Previous versions allowed users to opt out of Microsoft accounts by creating a local account instead.

Make sure your computer has enough free space to install updates, Microsoft notes in its specification for Windows 11.

The official release is scheduled for winter 2021. For most Windows 10 devices, the Windows 11 upgrade will begin rolling out in the winter of 2021 or early 2022.

What if you want to upgrade before the release?

If you wait until the official release of Windows 11 noforces and really want to get acquainted with the new OS right now, while not installing an early assembly leaked to the Network, then Microsoft is ready to offer such an opportunity. Next week, the company will release the official Windows 11 preview to Windows Insider members.

To be able to install a preview version of Windows11, you must first register for the Windows Insider program. To do this, you need to follow this link, click the "Register" button and log in with your Microsoft account. After the release of the pre-build, it will become available for download.

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