Apple Announces Another New Device Next Week

Apple has already had three major broadcasts in the fall of 2020. At them she presented the new iPad and Apple Watch, iPhone and

the line of MacBooks powered by the Apple M1 ARM processor. But the company still has something to surprise us, because it announces another new device and will do it next week.

The network public has becomeinternal correspondence of the company, in which its employees discussed the release of "new headings", reports MacRumors with reference to its own sources. At the same time, the records indicate that changes, including those related to AppleCare, are scheduled for December 8, 2020, i.e. next Tuesday.

Note that Tuesday is traditionally a dayannouncement for most new Apple products. The company also sent similar memos of "full combat readiness" before, for example, before the presentation of the iPhone 12.

Most likely, the Cupertinians will not conductanother major broadcast in honor of the announcement. A more likely scenario is that a press release appears on the official website with a presentation of a new generation of a product.