Apple Releases iOS 10.3 Beta 3 with Find My AirPods Headphone Search Function

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As Apple prepares to launch iOS 10.3 to public access, beta-releases for developers are regularly released today. Apple officially announced the third beta version of iOS 10.3 for developers and beta testers, which offers a lot of new features. The most notable innovation was the inclusion of Find AirPods, which allows you to find a wireless headset, forgotten in an unknown place. In addition, the new beta version includes SiriKit with advanced support for paying bills with other useful features.
To update, users who installed the firstbeta for developers, can download and install the third beta for iOS 10.3 as an update with Over-the-air synchronization technology in the settings.
Here is a list of innovations implemented in the first beta version:

  • Find AirPods wireless headset search feature added to Find My iPhone app;
  • Reducing animation effects is now supported in the Safari browser for web applications;
  • SiriKit, including support for paying bills, planning future taxi rides and checking payment status;
  • A special shortcut to launch the latest applications in CarPlay;
  • CarPlay shows the locations of charging stations;
  • Improved navigation in dialogs in the Mail application;
  • HomeKit supports more accessories;
  • Three-dimensional elements in a weather widget;
  • Spotlight Search has a framework;
  • The widget of the Podcasts application resembles the Music application;
  • New section "User Security" in Settings;
  • Button "Recent Applications" in CarPlay.

What's New in iOS 10.3 Beta 3

Application Compatibility: Apple is working on changes to iOS, andapplication compatibility is likely to be seriously affected. The third beta for iOS 10.3 developers contains a new “Compatibility” section in the Settings app. Selecting the item Basic → About this device, the user sees a list of applications that will not work with the future version of iOS. After clicking on the application, its page in the App Store will open, where you can see how long it was last updated. Launching the application, as we already know, will lead to a pop-up window indicating that this application is not supported.