Apple may release iPod touch 7th generation

Apple is ready for a big change in 2019. A company can finally update its old lineup and add

new connector on your smartphones.

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According to a new report based on informationfrom unknown sources, Apple may release iPod touch 7th generation. The last time the company updated this line back in 2015. The report said that Apple is working on this, but it is not said that the device will be released for sure.

Apple closed the iPod shuffle line in 2017, and there has been no mention of the iPod line since then. The company has not changed this line in any way, apart from the new memory options for iPod touch in 2017.

If this is not enough for you, the report also saysthat on the iPhone 2019 model, the company can add a USB-C connector. This is not the first time we hear such rumors, so it really seems realistic. Surely we will find out only in September this year.