Apple remains the leader in the tablet market

Earlier this week, during an internal discussion of Apple's expected earnings and profits, the CEO

Tim Cook said June had the mostsuccessful quarter in almost ten years. And now, analyst firm IDC has released the latest worldwide tablet sales figures, which further underscore that Apple remains the absolute leader in the tablet market and is reporting significantly better sales than its competitors. Following an update to the iPad Air models in 2020 and the release of an updated iPad Pro earlier this year, the next update to the company's tablet lineup is expected to be the iPad Mini at a later date this year.

According to IDC analysts, in the second quarterApple shipped 12.9 million iPads this year. The closest competitor in this market is Samsung, which has delivered about 8 million of its devices. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 tablets offer fantastic hardware, OLED displays, great performance, and good value for money, but they still remain overshadowed by Apple devices in the market, largely due to the fact that there are far fewer and fewer apps available for Android tablets. compared to the large selection of professional and entertainment apps for iPad devices.

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Lenovo, which continues to manufacture and offer well-established tablets running Chrome OS, ranks third with 4.7 million units shipped.

Purchases of computers and tablets increased intime of the COVID-19 pandemic as people began to adapt to teleworking from home and learning from home. IDC data shows that Chromebook shipments are up 68.6% year-over-year to 12.3 million devices in the second quarter of this year.

But IDC says it expects the possiblea slowdown in sales of Chromebooks and all tablets due to a continuing shortage of off-the-shelf silicon chips as well as manufacturing resources, and declining consumer demand as more people begin to gradually return to work. Apple, meanwhile, said resource and chip supply restrictions could significantly impact sales of its iPad tablets in the coming months, as well as iPhone sales.

Source: theverge

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