Apple Asks Russian Authorities To Test Analogue Bluetooth On Military Frequencies

Apple has asked the Russian authorities to allocate the 6240-8236.8 MHz radio frequency bands to it for testing a Bluetooth analogue -

implemented in many countries in the iPhone 11 Ultra WideBand (UWB) technology.

UWB technology is increasingly used in gadgets: Like Bluetooth, the technology can be used to transfer data, but the speed of information exchange is several times higher due to the wide bandwidth. Plus, the location of UWB devices is more accurate, which improves navigation in shopping malls and train stations.

From the documents of the State Commission on Radio Frequenciesit follows that Apple is asking for such frequencies to test whether UWB technology in Russia will interfere with anyone. Roskomnadzor and the Federal Security Service gave positive decisions on Apple's application, but one more answer is required - from the Ministry of Defense. After the positive conclusion of the three departments, this issue will be considered at a meeting of the State Commission on Radio Frequencies.

According to the source of the publication, Apple is consideringUWB as a replacement for Bluetooth in iPhones and other devices. In order for the GKRCH to soften the restrictions, it is necessary to study whether devices with such technology interfere with anyone, said the interlocutor of RBC.

If Apple receives frequencies for testing, it willthere will be a chance to prove that low-power smartphone transmitters will not clog satellite channels. However, in order for the frequencies to be allocated for commercial operation, Roskomnadzor, the Federal Security Service (FSO) and the Ministry of Defense must give a positive opinion.

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