Apple has turned iOS into a Windows Phone, and MacBooks into an iPad

In this text, I will not just retell key points from yesterday's presentation of Apple. I will try to

honestly and impartially talk about the positive and negative (in my opinion) innovations, and how Apple's decisions will affect the whole market.

First of all, I cannot but note with regret,that almost every section of the presentation - updating iOS, iPadOS, Apple Watch, macOS - the company begins with a demonstration of interface changes, even if much more global and significant things are announced later. The reason is clear - even a life-style press (such as the Lisa magazine) of the company is now more interesting than the technical one. Remember all these moans on the Internet that if a new iPhone looks like the previous one (what happens through each generation), is it the same and there is nothing new? This is for all these people who do not understand anything in technology and innovations for them consist only of redrawn icons on the desktop.

Redraw the icons? Innovation! We didn’t redraw it, but changed the architecture, expanded the ecosystem, taught us to make an ECG on a watch? Pfff, nonsense, nothing new, the company is marking time.

Therefore, there is no getting anywhere. Since we have embarked on a lifestyle, we must comply.

Smartphones: the new iOS 14 and its widgets

However, it is in the case of iOS 14 changesnot only and not so much cosmetic, although once again the question is brewing: “Why did the company not do all this before?”. Why has Apple (and its loyal fans) been suffering trash on the desktop for so many years in the form of hundreds of icons scattered across a dozen desktops? Indeed, even folders did not solve this problem. So many times I moved from an old iPhone to a new one using the backup transfer, and almost always I had to re-organize the folders.